Driving With Supercharge Installed With Belt Off..

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  1. but having the stock belt on the original accessories (wp , alt, ps pump) . I know its a very odd question but here's my dilemma. I'm installing a vortech v2 on my 97 cobra this weekend and I've got to drive it to the tuner's shop 3.5hours away. Since I live in the hills basically. I can't tow it as I don't have a trailer nor anything to do that with.
    So, would it be possible to drive the car to the shop with the s/c belt off till I get to the tuning shop then reinstall? Or would it be ok to baby it down to the shop? The interstate driving at 70mph plus would be my biggest concern.
    Any ideas guys? thoughts? I know its a weird question.
  2. Did you install the new fuel pump, maf and injectors?

    If so you may be in trouble regardless. But, I drove my car untuned 20 miles to my tuner, just stay out of boost and get ready to hold the car in idle as it will be confused as f***.
  3. That all gets installed this weekend with the supercharger. However, Looks like my tuner is going to be able to send me a safe tune after all to get to the shop. Thanks guys!
  4. I know you can run a powerdyne on a car with no belt but since you got the tune it doesn't matter. Something good to know I guess. Let us know what numbers it puts up
  5. I didn't think you had a choice? Do the Vortech systems for the modular cars not utilize a singular belt? The same singular belt that also drives the water pump, power steering and the alternator? That being the case, there's not really any way to remove it. I know the OP has since gotten a supplemental tune to allow Hume to drive the car there, but as long as a person remains under vacuum, they'll be fine for the drive.
  6. You can just get a different sized belt and bypass the charger. I'm not sure where exactly the charger itself mounts up at to know if its possible to bypass it. But easiest thing to be would keep it under vacuum like you said
  7. I would imagine that alternative belt routing would be tricky (if possible at all) once the head unit is in place. The user could run into both clearance issues where the pelt physically can't be rewrapped without contacting the unit, or another part of the front assembly. There's also the possibility of the new configuration requiring the supercharger to be part of the mix to maintain proper rotational direction of all the accessories. Taking that one pulley out of the might mean the belt could only be routed a certain way...and that way may not guarantee that your pater pump, or power steering pump is spinning the right direction.

    That's one of the things that the old pre-'96 OHV blower set ups had over the Modular. OHV kits utilize one belt for the blower and one belt for everything else. That way, if you ever have a blower malfunction, or something of the like, it's as simple as removing the belt and driving away. Not so with most Modular kits. Your blower throws that belt on your '96-up 4.6L and you're walking.
  8. Well my friend has an 89 and he had a powerdyne on it and ran a shorter belt to bypass the charger until he had the money to have it tuned. He has a Kenne bell on it now and it utilizes the serpentine belt also.
  9. Yeah, the kenne bell seems to be the exception to the rule, but the powerdyne is set up piggyback style, the same as most OHV kits.