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  1. I like that better than most Eleanors. The light location and not having those stupid lights next to the headlights looks tons better.

    I would much rather have one of these or a clone of an original GT500.

  2. Ahhhhh, errrrr..... well, it looks good; but it doesn't look like a real Shelby! On the originals, the fuel filler was in the taillight panel, which was above the rear valance, which hung above the dumps for the exhaust. Yeah, originals didn't chop the rockers to make room for the the tailpipes; factory -> showroom cars had rear firing tails, and the only ones with side dumps were the track cars; and they just had big round pipes hanging under the rockers. Again, it's a nice looking car; just not "real".

    THIS is a REAL Shelby GT500:

    Yeah, her paint's not as slick and shiny, and there's a little 'curl' in the hood; but she's an original survivor. Think the car you're drooling over will look this good after 43 years?

    Just sayin'
  3. Thats what I'm talking about.
  4. Very awesome. And I'd like to think that a new built Mustang would be rust-proofed, etc, but there's no telling how long it would actually last. There's a good chance they're designed to be garage queens.
  5. The one I posted up was pretty much a Garage Queen in the winter - if you look closely at the plate in my last picture, you'll see the car was originally from Rhode Island. Present owner is the original owner's son; and executor of his father's estate. His sister wanted the car (Dad bought it for her and -back then- she hated it).... she got everything BUT :lol:

    Now it lives here in sunny Southern AZ; where DUST is more damaging than RUST.
  6. Classic Recreations teamed up with Shelby to build those cars shortly after Shelby had their falling out with Unique Performance. They are a much closer reproduction of the 67' Shelby than the Eleanors were. The top shelf ones ($200,000.00) have a MustangII front suspension, a triangulated 4 bar rear suspension and a supercharged, fuel injected 700 HP 427ci stroked Windsor. One could be built for about $25,000.00 less, but it wouldn't be licensed by Shelby.
  7. Hmmmmm..... the 65-67 Shelby 350's had a 289, could be fitted with a Paxton SC pumping into a Holley carb, the "Arning Drop" of the upper A-arms and different front springs. Oh, and the GT500s came with a Holley carb'd 428; either the "Police Interceptor" engine (early 67 500's) or the 428CJ version (the KR's).

    Sounds like the "High End" cars from Classic are actually closer to the UP Eleanors than to the original Shelby's.

    Oh, and the original Shelby's didn't need his expensive $ignature on the car to be "Genuine". :rolleyes:

    Don't mind me; I'm not all that for or against these "Continuation" clones one way or the other... I'm just :stick:ing at you! :D
  8. By closer to the 67' Shelby's I ment that they use the shelby hood, scoops and the driving lights are in the upper grill instead of the Eleanor scoops and the lights down in the valence. Aside from that the similarities are none. They are basically a souped up modified Mustang, and the Eleanors were a Movie Prop. IMHO. Don't get me wrong, they are stunning cars. But to call them a Shelby that hasn't been produced for over 40 years is like calling a fiberglass Cobra kit a Cobra. I did get the opportunity to drive a UP Super Snake once. Can you say Straight Sideways? WOOOO HOOOO!!! :nice:
  9. I love it.

    I am doing similar touches to my 66 convertible I am rebuilding. Nothing so extreme, but I am using some of the same styling cues.
  10. That's awesome. Do you have a thread for it?
  11. No build thread, not much to look at yet except the shell on a rack and piles of parts. A retired mechanic/bodyman friend is bringing the car back to life after severe rust damage. that work was way beyond my skills. it's about a 4-6 weeks away from being ready to go to the painter. I already have the fiberglass parts on hand for the mods similar to the OPs pics, but I'll have to mock/fit them up before going to the painter. 90% of the new suspension parts are in my garage along with some SSBC discs, just waiting on the backorderd UCAs then I can install that. Sandblasted and powdercoated the seat frames and now they are coverend in all new TMI pony sport upholstery and sitting in my living room (much to my wife's dismay...lol). Finally settled on wheels and ordered those last weekend, they are on the way. I am trying to figure now if there is any way I can swing a rack&pinion setup for it, but I don't think it's in the budget for now. I built the motor 2 years ago for it, the C4 might need a little TLC but it was working OK when I took the car off the road several years ago due to the weakening frame. I sprayed about a dozen different paint samples and settled on a 3 color scheme that I knew was 'the one' as soon as I did it.

    In my head I can see the completed car. My daughter, an art major, did a rendering for me based on the colors I settled on... that drawing is keeping me motivated for now... :)

    way too much info I know, sorry about that... lol.
  12. 1. That sounds like an awesome project, and you should definitely start a build thread.

    2. Mustang seats in the living room. I really like this idea.

    3. SSBC makes some really good stuff.

    4. Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished project!
  13. Thank you for the giving our Sport Seats a go! And hell, if they're stuck in your living room ... mount some legs on those things and make them part of the decor!! :nice:

    (btw, i'd love to see any pictures of what you're install turned out like! [email protected])
  14. Waylon - I was going to recover the seats myself... I even went so far as to get a set of hog ring pliers and rings. Until I pulled my old seats apart and saw what all was involved...lol. I pulled everything apart, cleaned up the frames and such, then dropped the stuff off at an upholsterer way back in the sticks that I know. this guy lives about 1/2 mile back a dirt road, when i got back there he was working on a lambo, a vette, and an old GTO, so I knew I was in good company. Anyway, that was the 1st time he had used your products, he told me when he was done that this was absolutely the nicest set of mustang seats he had ever done, period. He was impressed. Thanks for a great product. My pony door panels are pretty rough too, mostly around the cup area where they always rip out. Eventually I need to find a vendor that carries your door panels so I can get a pair to go with my seats... any clues who carries them? I checked the online catalogs I have bookmarked but none said they were TMI.

    Attached a pic of my project for last winter, but it only has 2 wheels...lol

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  15. Sounds like a guy who knows what he's doing!
  16. Just plain nice

    Dude, this is just plain sexy. Original, lasting the times etc are all valid but for me it is the styling of the lines back 40+ years ago that have made this an piece of art. :nice:
  17. I like the FMIC. SC or turbo?