Dropping "Cobra" could be a good thing

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  1. my humble opinion

    three things to consider. You guys can argue all you want but if there wasn't a new style coming for the 05 you would be willing to pay sticker for the current mach1 and cobra. Remember when an 01 cobra could only be had for 28k.

    Second the 2007 model is the last model for the ford gt unless ford figures a way to meet dot standars that are coming out for that model year. This leaves things open for the cobra because they do not want to deviate too much from the original design of the car (that is part of its draw) A lot of the shelby car comes directly from the ford gt so I see an easy transition. Being as there wasn't a supercar market by domestic manufactureers no one produced them until now. Do you guys remember chryslers new supercar that will go into production. Chrysler with the help of mercedes has again started to get away from minivans and started to go for upscale market and big hp. When chevy comes out with the blue devil corvette it will just fuel the fire. Ford has to reply in order to perserve the prestige and interest in the cars for all the fringe buyers who aren't die hard mustang fans like we are.

    Third there will be a gt, special edition car (shelby 350/500), cobra replacement and a super car. If not they will not stay competitive and the more parts they share the cheaper it is to build. These cars are all new designs and will be more expensive to build until they have been in production for at least three years. The bar has been raised again so you can't compare it to todays market. People want more out of their domestic and the former big three will be forced to comply. They have learned that over the past 20 years.

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