Dropping lifters out.....

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 1973mach1, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Could anyone tell me whats involved with dropping the lifters out the oil pan? They are mushroomed at the buttom and cant be pulled out, im adding a new cam and timing set, what would I have to remove to drop them out the bottom into the oil pan? Just the cam and oil pan?


  2. that will work. just make sure you have all 16 of them,
    Before you reinstall the oil pan. :D
    Was helping a friend do it and he left one laying on a rod.
    should have heard the noise it made when he hit the key. :notnice:
  3. OUCH!! That sucks, did he do this after it happened? ---------> :bang:

  4. If you have a Stang with a removable X-member, just unbolt it,the pan, timing cover ( and all the stuff in front of it, including the radiator) And pop them out the bottom. And have fun replacing the oilpan. :D If there's a one piece pan gasket available for your motor, I'd highly suggest you get it, it'll make reinstallling the pan much easier. :nice:
  5. Too cold to do it now so i'll wait for some warmer weather but thanks for the help guys. I'll make sure I get all 16 and try to find a 1 peice gasket. =)

  6. Only after we counted the lifters.

    Then he pulled the pan to find it and a cracked rod and a scarred lower cyl.

    It was sit and stare at it time. :nonono:

  7. I guess thats how you learn, the hard way. But i bet it will never happen again, huh?

  8. Damn that sucks man. I better make sure to be extra careful when I put my engine together. One mix up would piss me off so badly.
  9. You'd think that wouldn't ya!

    :p hehehe just kidding, thought it'd sound funny hehehe

  10. Yea, It was late on a Friday night and we wanted to go to the drags on Sat.
    Both of us were working Fast paced to get it back togeather.
    Just glad that i was working the top end, and wasn't my fault.

    Now I recheck before turning that key.
    All parts and tools accounted for.