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  1. what do you think of the rotary engine? my friends and i were talking about this once how in the rx-7's the engines seemed to give out once they got some miles on them and they werent very dependable? just wondering what your thoughts on it was.
  2. Well, since they are configured to run on Japanese 102 octane, that is where most of the problems came from. They are just like anything else, though. Daily driving you shouldnt see any problems, but when you go screwing with things, you better know whats going on. It was awesome to drive a car that revved like a sportbike. The dealer told me that the clutch engaged best around 2500, but whenever I hit the gas it jumped up to 3500.....I powershifted it at 8500 1-2 and the damn thing broke loose on me. Not too shabby for 238 HP. I see great things in Mazda's future. The interior finish is better than many cars almost twice the price that I have seen. And i don't think that I have to even go into handling. I was thoroughly impressed. If I hadnt heard a rumor that the 7 might be coming back I would probably buy one....great deal for 30 grand.
  3. yes, but who else but mazda would solve an oil burning problem with the rx-7 by adding an extra oil tank. the only reason i know this is because some dude i used to go to school with had one and it used to burn oil like nobodys business.. and it wasnt just his...its one of the rotary engines desgin flaws. anyways i thing the front of the rx8 is ugly. it reminds me of sid the sloth from the movie ice age.
  4. Those are the Wankel Rotary engines. This new one is the Renesis Rotary. I dont know much about it, but It's bound to be a bit better than the old one. Now if Mazda slapped a couple turbos on, got rid of the fugly tails, I'd buy one.
  5. i had no idea there was more than one type of rotary engine. i still think is ugly though
  6. there should be a turbo rx-8
  7. the prob with that engine without the turbo is torque, or the lack of
  8. i want the supra to come back
  9. i dont, because everyone else would get owned again, like in 94 when it completely caught the middle class sport category off guard. hhhaha

  10. hehe the rotary is made to burn oil
    it injects oil into the combustion chamber to lub the seals

    and it doesn't need an oil tank to do it but rather it takes it straight from the sump

    but it isn't a design flaw either the system works very well as long as the oil seals don't go and if they go more often then not that is owner error as to why they go
  11. the motor itself is very reliable
    you will see a lot of second gen N/A rx7 with 200k plus on them
    mine is almost there (197k) with much abuse on it from auto-x, braket racing and my finding the open road and just letting loose through the turns
    and still to this day hit above the redline when I want to work the motor and doesn't even break a sweat

    and it is also a very strong motor. think I heard one time able to handle 1200hp on fully stock internals.
    but many of the problems with turbo is tuning.
    detonation just kills the thing. but that is tuner error not fault of the motor
    also mazda tried to cut cost and wieght putting a cheap radiator in there not fit for the job ahead of it. almost maxed fuel system and some ****ty computer controls for fuel injection. all of that puts more stress on the motor then what it was designed for.
    and again a lot of problems ppl come into though is they get a turbo do some mods and don't give it more fuel detonation happens motor blows and it is now the fault of the motor though when in all reality it is there fault

    but oh wel
  12. The reason there's no turbo RX-8 yet is because Mazda used high-compression rotors on it (10.0:1). Unlike with piston engines, lowering the comrpession to accommodate a turbo is not quite a straightforward process, because you have to engineer a whole new rotor (plenty of off-the-shelf parts for piston engines.. not with rotary).

    The N/A FC will run damn near forever if you keep up with maintenance. The turbo models are a bit more picky and if you don't keep absolutely on top of them they can get out of hand. If rotary engines had gotten as much development effort as piston engines have over the years, then we'd see them being used a lot more widely as they are quite reliable.

    The lack of low-end torque though is a major drawback to the N/A versions. But that doesn't seem to stop the ricers from getting wood over VTEC, so...
  13. Kiss my VTEC awalbert. :)
  14. VTEC is a crutch for small displacment/no tq DAMN IT WHERE IS MY VTEC !!!!
  15. don't make no matter anyway......."my civic will be so much faster when I get the VTECH in it"

    My stang will be so much faster when I get a blown 460, WTF is that

    Back on subject, I've seen several older RX-7's running around here......looking like crap, but sounding good. I got to ride in a twin turbo RX-7 during an SCCA sponsored course when I was in college, they're complete and total bada$$, and mazda has been playing with the rotary engine for some time now, so they have it down pretty good now
  16. did ford try or want anything with the rotary back in the day?

    I think just about every manufac tried but not sure about dodge or ford?

    know GM did but they couldn't get it going right
    but so did mercedes benz, rolls tried a diesel rotary, and quite a few others jumped on but nobody was really able to make a decent working version
  17. ford owns mazda dont it?
  18. rx-8 looks like a bad 80's throwback. the lack of torque is disgusting. if they make a turbo version, then i could definitely respect that, though. and yes, ford owns some part of mazda, not sure how much...
  19. What ya running?