Drove an RX-8

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  1. from the way I understand it they don't really own mazda but have quite a bit of say as to what goes on

    but that doesn't mean ford tried to do anything with the rotary

    I'm more or less curious if ford on their own tried something with the rotary though

    so their affiliation with mazda has nothing really to do with that
  2. some Fords and Mazdas share the same engines. if Ford wanted to use the RX8 engine i dont see why they couldnt share it and the research/design information also.
  3. ford and mazda have been swapping engines and other parts for years now, there is no reason why they couldnt put the rotary in a ford car. dont believe it, pop the hood of a probe gt, or a new mazda truck, you'll see ford on the mazda engine, and mazda on the probe engine.
  4. Doesn't Mazda have some kind of recall right now on RX-8's? Because they overated it by a lot, they're offering to buy back RX-8's...
    Can anyone confirm?
  5. It has more torque than a 6 cyl Mustang at least. It was enough to roast the tires into second and bark them on a relatively soft shift into third. 213 is not that bad at all. More than enough to suffice until the turbos kick in. I really dont care though, they are bringing back the seven, (please!!!) There is no recall, they overrated the HP by 13. Big deal. All in all a good car. Drive it, then talk about it.
  6. yes mazda designed the motor though
    so since the question doesn't seem to be understood very well

    ok let me rephrase this question then

    did ford ever put any OF THEIR OWN developement into a rotary motor back in the day
    or did they not do anything and instead try to reap the rewards from what only mazda was able to do?
    so I guess I am asking this did ford do anything with the rotary before or only take from mazda?
  7. What car are you talking about??
    v6 Mustang has 225 torque at 2800 RPM while an RX-8 has _159_ at 5500 RPM.
    And the RX-8 isn't turbo'd...
    What car are you talking about???
  8. Obviously you are speaking of an entirely different car than I was trying to. RX-8 actually has 159 lb-ft of torque. I was wrong. But, like I said, drive it, then talk about it. It is by FAR not a race car. But it is decently fast. Talk all you want, I was just sharing my opinion. I would rather buy it than the Evo, Sti or IS300, but I dont buy cars based on engine alone. That is a great car when you consider the total package. But the tail needs to go, that is for sure.
  9. And calm down, I am very aware that there is no turbo. I was just pointing out that there would be enough torque to move the car before the turbo kicked in, if you were to add one. Any more questions?? And even though the Mustang has that torque at 2800, I will attest that it takes about as long to get to 5900 in the 8 as it does to get to 2800 in the Stang.
  10. i want a turbo in my mustang
  11. So what in the world were you talking about? I'd gladly take an Evo or STi over the RX-8, it's ugly, slower, and AWD would be great here in MA for the winters. I guess I can't talk about the other parts of the package since I've only driven an Evo. :shrug:

    Maybe you should type what you mean then... I only got worked up because you said "Drive it, then talk about it." and then you made up a bunch of numbers (Where did that torque number come from??) and talked about a non-existant turbo.

  12. I heard rumors that it wasn't putting out near the horse power and torque that Maza was claiming. I don't know if that is true or not, though. I do know that they are gas guzzlers, I think it a 1.3 engine and it only gets like 23mpg or something like that. I guess that is the nature of the beast.
  13. yeah it has some torque after you spin it up, but so does any modern engine. peak torque is not what im disputing. most modern engines lack that low-end grunt that makes day-to-day driving so much more fun. the RX's make up for that with shorter gearing (so they rev faster and multiply the torque) and less weight. far be it from me to be hatin', but while that's fine for some, it's just not my style. so, assuming were in 1st gear, it may take the RX less time to spin to 5900 than a v6 stang to 2800, their speeds wont be so different; 2nd gear on the RX might be a better comparison to the stang's 1st gear

    havent had a chance to take it to the strip yet. probably just 15's or something, id need some lower gears to put out competitive times. and a battery hold-down and a coolant catch can to pass tech lol.
  14. Lmao. Well let me know how many hondas ya 0wn. :)
  15. yeah, they put out less than advertiesed, mazda agreed to buy em back or give like 4 year warrenties or sumthin
  16. lol prolly all but the ones that have been really modded (i.e. not the ones with eibach stickers, a cheap fartcan exhaust, and a park bench on the deck lid as their only mods, but rather, those with some serious $$ in them...and sorry, nos doesnt count...cheat with a super or a turbo, lol)
  17. That's what I thought.
    Glad it wasn't just me who read that somewhere :nice:
  18. hey jcp123 how nos is cheating?
    well guess on to the zex kit I go that way I stay away from nos :p

    but for the honest question
    what is wrong with NITROUS?
    how is it cheating?
    is it that they bought it used and raced you with it and you lost because your still saving to get forced induction?

    sorry but I figure just because it is cheap and easily hidden doesn't make it cheating
    it's not like you can't go and buy it so how is that cheating?
  19. to whoever was saying that they should bring back the supra, there have been concept pics floating around of a new supra. ill see if my friend still knows where he found the pics that he showed me. i wasnt too impressed by the body styling. the wing looked like an 03 cobra style one(i loved the huge wing). the headlights looked like the circular intergra ones but they had 3 lights instead of 2. overall the body shape looked similar to the old one but with a few different lines. i dont know any info about the planned engine but if its anything like the old one(especially if they make a factory TT) it should do nicely.
  20. ive only raced once, and ill admit i lost. it was some rich kid from my school with a brand new mercedes e430 or something like that. its not cheating per se, but somehow i have a hard time respecting it. in the same way it's hard to respect a mercedes-benz if it sells for $15,000 new, no matter how nice it may be, it's hard for me to respect nos. nvm the fact that it's hard as hell on the internals. heck i dont even like supers or turbos that much either, theyre sorta borderline 'cheating', too. i should take back what i said up there, i never meant to be inflammatory, but nos is just something i wouldnt ever touch for one of my own cars. i dont wanna be hatin on ppl that use it but its very much not my style.