Drove the 05 Yesterday!!!!

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  1. The OKC Auto Show was in town this weekend, and I worked there Thurs. and Sun. People young and old, Ford lovers and Chevy lovers (guy with a Corvette tatoo), and everyone in between loves this car. So Sunday night after most of the vehicles were removed from the building, I hung around to try and get a chance to at least hear this beauty. It was blue car with automatic tranny. The guy that hauls these things around said it was O.K. if I fired it up, so my buddy and I hopped in. It sounds nice for factory stuff. We gave it a few revs and cranked the Shaker 1000 :eek: which sounds way better than the Mach 1000. So now I'm feelin' pretty good, and I wait a few more minutes for these guys to set up the ramps to get it off the "turntable". I ask this same guy if I can take it to the truck, and he says no problem. I hop in and s-l-o-w-l-y drive it down the ramps and outside.
    Once outside, I could immediately tell this thing had some cajones before even turning onto the street. Once I pointed it straight I laid into it and let the WONDERFUL 5-sp. auto shift me into euphoria. Make no mistake, this thing is F-A-S-T. It "felt" as fast as a 5-sp. Mach I and was certainly faster than an Auto-equipped Mach. The car felt very solid and smooth. I was only able to take about a quarter mile sprint down and back but left very excited about this new Mustang. I now wrestle with the fact that this auto is so nice I'm not sure if there is any reason to shift my own gears. At least those that don't want to shift have a great alternative now. The A5 keeps this sweet powerplant right in the sweet spot of its powerband and doesn't stop. For those on the fence, get off now, because this car is great! :nice: :hail2: :worship: :drool: :jaw: :cheers: :flag:
    P.S. This may have been discussed before, but if anyone has pics of the underside of the hood, please post and note the suspicious lack of "ribbing" in a square portion in the center of the hood.
  2. Die commie bastard!!!!!!!!!!

    (I'm so jealous)

  3. I'm can't wait to see them on the streets myself.
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  5. Too cool. I too will be driving one once they hit the lots. Wonder if they'll let me have it for one of those 24-hour test drives. Think they will?

    I myself would have to have the stick, but its great to know that the Auto stays in the powerband nicely.

    Congrats PACETTR..
  6. This is my only question right now: auto or manual? I guess I'll see how that auto holds up under use/abuse. I like 5 speeds with high reving engines, but it's fun to have an auto with a big torque American V8s. And every day I get older and there's more traffic...
  7. I will have to get auto because my wife can't drive standard and is too stuborn to learn. Hearing this is good news to me.
  8. That is when you have to put your foot down, get the standard and she will have to learn. Or it looks like she won't be driving it.
    :owned: :D
  9. Or just don't let your wife drive it. :D
  10. Well when your wife pays for half of your ride you have to let her drive it (it won't be often). Besides it's her idea in the first place for me to buy the Mustang, I had my eye on something else at first until she pointed it out. Been hooked ever since.

    Auto is much easier anyway, I am developing artheritis in my knees and it's getting worst. Getting old sucks. :(
  11. See, my wife knows how to drive standard, and she takes both my stangs out regularly. We even race eachother sometimes. Its kinda fun, but she would never let me but and auto stang and I wouldn't want one. She wanted to get a manual when we bought our new Passat wagon, but auto for that was the best choice.
  12. Damn, so that is where the 05 was, the OKC auto show. The Denver auto show was this weekend and I was pissed that the 05 stang wasnt there. Sounds like you had a hell of an experience!!!!
  13. nice... aren't these new stangs great!?!
  14. what color shade of blue was it?
  15. Nice! You are a lucky man Pacettr.
  16. This is good news
  17. Besides the new 3V engine, the reason why the 05 GT with an auto will be so much faster than earlier auto Mustangs is the 5 speed trannie. 1st gear ratio on the 05 is 3.23:1 verses 2.84:1 for the old 4 speed trannie.
  18. Yeah! See the spot for the scoop/shaker?!?
    ABSOLUTELY! :nice:
    Windveil Blue Clearcoat Metallic (Light Blue in Mags)

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  19. That car is just screaming for ram air. Can't you hear it? :D
  20. Sure you did.