Drove the 05 Yesterday!!!!

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  1. how was the ride quality, did the car feel like it was a better built car?
  2. In the very limited amount of seat time I had, I can only say that this car "feels" better in every way than the Foxes, definitely better built, more solid etc. As far as ride I would speculate it to be better because of the better chassis/suspension setup. I would equate the difference to the difference between the 01 Explorer and the 02. I knew the moment I pulled out of the parking lot it was a better vehicle...
  3. Is it just me or does it appear that there is no maf sensor?
  4. I think that's the MAF right before the airbox, I could be mistaken. Hood scoop? How about a blower sticking out of the hood! :D
  5. It is just you.

    We've covered this before. The MAF is located on the airbox cover. This is the way Ford is doing it for most of it's new vehicles. If you do a search you should be able to find the thread which includes photos (or links to them) that show the MAF sensor connetor on the airbox cover.

  6. Don't get the std if your developing artherities. The auto there butting in will be alot better then the old ones. I got to see the blueprints today. Its just makes me wander what's next. Any way my dad and uncle bought my grandmother a red mustang and it was a std she was having artherities in the knees too. She can't drive it anymore so its just sits getting all dusty. I hope I help you out.
  7. thanks man, as much as I love standard, it's hard on me. I still have a standard truck and sometimes my knee locks up as I push in the clutch and then I hear...."CRAAAACKK" I too believe I will be able to enjoy this car many more years as an auto than if it were a standard. Hate to admit, sometimes the wifey is "Right" :(
  8. dont be a jealous a$$

    whats so hard to beleive?
  9. No reason to be jealous here .... What's so hard to believe? Your right, I believed it up to this point.

    Everything else is BS. :bs: because,

    1. I don't believe EVERYTHING I read on the Internet.
    2. I personally find it VERY HARD to believe that with as much care as Ford has taken to keep this car out of the general publics hands -- most, if not all car shows have had the '05's roped off completely, AND with the risk of lawsuits against both Ford AND the venue the car was shown ..... why would they take the risk to let some unknown drive the car out of the facility and tear up the lot???

    This type of stuff just doesn't happen in reality ...... Again, I don't believe everything I read on the Internet. You shouldn't either.