Drum brake smoking

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  1. i just moved and i had to move my car to the new house i drove the car less than i mile and i get out and notice the drivers side drum was smoking does any one know what could cause this i didnt have time to check but i would like to know what im looking for before i take a look thanks guys!
  2. Seized drum shoes???
  3. A stuck wheel cylinder is a real possibility. Other possibilities, as Mike noted, are a shoe that's frozen due to corrosion, a broken spring, etc.

    It should be real obvious once you pop the drum off (that will probably be the hardest part).
  4. awesome i hope its something simple i have been in the middle of getting it ready for paint and this happends im gonna look at it tomorrow thanks
  5. ok this was the first time i ever messed with drum brakes i finally got it all back together but o noticed the one of the shoes is out at the top i tried adjusting the star but its not helping out at all if any one knows what could be causing it please let me know thanks

  6. I'd consider simply replacing the wheel cylinder, shoes and springs (do both sides).

    If you do this, be careful with the springs - people do get hurt using the incorrect tools for drums. I think parts stores loan out drum-brake tool-kits. Having a buddy who's done drums before can help.
  7. Springs

    *Edit, just realized you are already done* :rolleyes:

    I also recommend picking up a new bag of springs. When I did mine (also my first time doing drums) I found 1 of my old springs wasn't doing its job and the little ratcheting gear thing was not engaging because the spring was too weak.

    A new bag of springs (color coded) is only a few bucks and may save you some headache.

    It's not super difficult, just be careful and take your time. Those springs carry a lot of energy.
  8. I just struggled through a drum brake rebuild on my mustang and it's not fun at all. Get a set of proper drum brake tools as it makes the job easier (spring tool, adjuster, and retainer tool). One of the biggest tricks I found was on my 93 the parking/e-brake doesn't have a provision for a clip to retain itself to the brake shoe. What I did was left the cable connected and used a twisty tie (like ones off a loaf of bread from the store) to hold the shoe and e-brake mechacnism together while assembly because it has a tendency to fall out while your trying to assemble it. Once I had it altogether I untwisted it and pulled it out. And like already stated you can buy a drum brake rebuild kit that has new springs, and retainer pins in it.
  9. make sure u have the auto adjuster on the bottom of the brake assembly totally in the closed position, check that the metal bar below the piston assembly has the spring in it and is seated correctly (on the brake shoe and e-brake slot), lastly you may beed to bleed you brakes to allow the brake assembly to retract and close more before your shoes and fully close all the way.

    Also it looks like your missing the stabilizer piece that goes on before the springs do. Looks like a washer with two wings sticking out that keep the shoes aligned.

  10. rebuilt both drums finally got it all figured out thanks everyone for the help.. i test drove it and NO SMOKING!!!!