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  1. I think I asked this question already but I can't find my thread. I have a V6 and I want dual exhausts, I want a deep throaty tone so I don't know what to go with. I don't know what an h hipe is or if I need one of those either, I basically know nothing about cars. I'm also looking for a cheap pric so if anyone can recommend a site or somewhere on ebay I would appreciate it.

  2. If your goal is a really deep muscle car sound, then an H pipe would be the best approach. JBA makes an H pipe kit, or you can get a bassani H pipe, some Flowmaster 40's (they are deep and very loud, this is more a preferance isssue, also try Borla, Magnaflow, JBA, etc.) and take them to your local shop for a custom job.

    If performance is your ultimate goal you are best off with a X pipe, probably a magnaflow truex with some good mufflers.

    I have the magnaflow Y pipe kit and I am pleased with it. I am converting it a X pipe with headers before next race season when I put my nitrous kit on my car.

    Here is a link to the sound clip on my car, keep in mind that my minidv is pretty crappy, in real life they sound significantly deeper, but should give you and idea:


    I hear the JBA's with H pipe sound mean as hell, but opinions vary on thier build quality.

  3. @ Rygen,

    Nitrous, eh? You dirty dog! You are determined to have the fastest V6 in these here parts, ain't cha? I am still undecided on the H or the X as of right now. I DO like the JBA H pipe set up, and the rpice has dropped about $100 since they first brought it out. Have you found a place for headers, yet? I am putting some on next year, also. Have you decided on a brand, yet? I am partial to the JBA silver ceramic at the moment. Maybe we can get a deal if we take our cars to the same places. I move to Arlington Friday, so I will be much closer to the shops in your area. The Lake Anna shop (45 minutes from Quantico) will not make much sense after my move.

  4. Yea baby, you know it. You will have to do something too, I can't be the only V6 kicking butt around here. I'll PM you the other details, I went to the NVMC car show....didn't quite meet up to my expectations, and the guys from Excessive...were a bit.....arrogant.
  5. For headers all I can find is JBA and MAC, and I'm not too keen on the MAC products. I've been trying to wait it out a bit and see what the market yeilds. But if nothing decent comes out before Feb/March I will have to go with the JBA's. I was kinda hoping Ford Racing would come out with something, since thier GT part is already out. I definitely want those headers in before I hit the nitrous at the track.
  6. I just put true duals with Flowmasters on mine this week. The shop did the whole job including chrome tips for $350. The sound is fabulous, however I will say that now the car has resonant frequency around 2000 - 2500 rpm which makes it pretty loud at cruise speed. I'm getting used to it, but the little beast can sure make tracks...

    Flowmaster duals
    K&N CAI
    SCT-2 tune
    :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  7. Sounds sweet!!! And you got a good deal. Would love to hear some sound clips.
  8. ??
    :jaw: $350.00 ?!! :eek: that's a steal-deal dude :nice:
  9. Shops out where i live start at like $250 for dual exhaust i think, so another $100 isnt out of the question for better parts. Still a very good deal. (im going to be doin my own duals hopefully, lookin for a good bender so i can purchase it for my shop)
  10. Rygenstormlocke, I don't know if it's the quality of the video or what, but that sounds pretty deep for a V6! I've never heard a V6 pony sound that good. Good job.

  11. Actually my minidv dosent give it justice, at 2500 rpm it is really deep! Keep in mind I have a CAI on it and a tune.

    Thanks! :nice:
  12. Update /// GT Take-off duals

    I cut my V6 bumper tonight in preparation for the install on Sat.

    Took the car by the Muffler Shop to get the outline drawn (understandably, he wouldn't cut it for me) ... brought it home and craved out the rough outline with a Utility Knife. Finished up with a Dremel tool and some sandpaper.

    I'm pretty pleased with the results (so far). :p

    Will follow up on this Sat. (keeping my fingers crossed)

    Happy Veterans Day, :flag: and to all of you Vets here - Thanks!
  13. The shop I had the work done had just installed pipes out of the muffler pointing down, since I did not have the bumper cut. I went out the next day and cut the bumper using a template and a dremel with sandpaper... definitely not perfect, but as my grandfather used to say... can't see it from the highway in a car doing 60... the shop put my chrome tips on in about 20 minutes and away I went.

    I would love to put a sound clip on, but I don't really have anything to record with... maybe my laptop, but the quality I'm sure can't do it justice.

    I just put the first tune for 87 octane on the car yesterday and tomorrow will up the ante to 91 and then next week will go to 93. It's encouraging to see gas prices coming down some... I payed $2.14/gal yesterday and it dropped another penny today.:nice:
  14. Where is the best place on the net to get dual exhaust for a V6? I can't find anything out there other than axle back for v6 and I want dual.
  15. I got my magnaflow kit here for like 460 with shipping:

  16. I assembled my own set of GT take-offs ..... $340.00 total
    *which also included a custom built 'H' pipe and the install.

    I'm very pleased with the results now :nice:

  17. I bet that h pipe sounds sweet, got a sound file on that?
  18. No, but swing by the house and you can take it for a test drive :D

  19. Sure, no problem. Sothern California...I'll be there in 5 minutes.
  20. OK, after 3+ weeks, my initial joy has been tempered now by the knowledge that I have lost some torque due to the Dual Exhaust.

    I cant say that I wasn't warned ... but while I love the sound, I miss the lost power. :notnice:

    any suggestions?