Dual master cylinder is in...

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 66P51GT, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I spent yesterday afternoon installing a dual master cylinder in my '66 GT. Brakes are stock discs up front, drum rears. I purchased a kit from Cobra Automotive that included pre-built lines that fit perfectly to the proportion valve and block plate.

    In addition to flushing all the old brake fluid from the system, I also installed an adjustable push rod.

    Pedal pressure is a definite improvement and modulation is improved. It's also nice knowing there is added safety in the dual reservoir setup.

    The pedal feels softer but I'm not sure if it is inherent to the new setup, or there is some remaining air in the lines. I'm going to bleed the brakes a gain just to make sure. Overall, it is definitely a worth-while investment.

  2. sweet deal. Do you know If they sell a dual reservoir setup with power booster?? cause I will soon be running 4 wheel discs and want the power brakes so it will be easier for me to stop cause now its a pain in the azz
  3. Cobra Automotive doesn't sell a dual resevoir with power booster. They are available through other suppliers. I don't know them off hand but I have seen them.


    BTW - the dual resevoir master cylinder and pre-bent brake lines was $127.95. A larger one with a 1 1/8" piston (vs. the 1" piston) is available for $167.95. Junction block not included but available as well as adjustable proporation valves for extra $$$ of course.

    I purchased the adjustable pushrod through Cobra Automotive but found similar unit at Mustangs Plus for less money.

  4. Hey golf, seems like we are running on the same projects when it comes to braking. I have been trying to figure out my options for the master cylinder, I have a dual MC now but would like to get a dual power MC since I am doing the Granada and then some discs on the 9" I just picked up yesterday. I have another thread about MC's and the other cars I can pull one from but it doesn't seem to be getting much attention. Could you PM me with what you find. Thanks