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  1. does anyone know of a true dual set up for the 010 mustang? I bought my wife a 010 v-6 premium but the single needs to go!!! I woyld love a bolt on and does anyone know about the warranty in this situation?
  2. I would check with the V6 guys and see what they did about the catalytic converters. Many 6'ers have the dual setup. The V6 CPU wasn't programmed to have true duals so I would guess you would also need a tune. V6 or Gt the 2010's look good, congrats. Warranty wise, is you do experience some type of failure, your exhaust setup must be proven as the source of the failure by a dealership for a warranty to be void. I'm no engineer, but going with duals might net you a noticable loss of torque.
  3. Just get some mufflers and take it to a exhaust shop. Any competent installer should be able to do this for you and make it look nice. The only challange I could really think of would be the rear bumper. Assuming you would either have to cut slots in the bumper (like the GT has) or just let it exit below the bumpler.

    Congrats on the new car. I'm sure you'll love it.
  4. I figured I'd get the rear valance for a gt. I also played with the idea of rear exit turbo but I don't really know anything about them. That'll be a couple of years anyway but it is good to research and determine before the time comes the money and the app is a whole lot easier!!!
  5. Heck if you going to do that you might as well wait a bit. I bet they offer take offs here pretty soon like they do for the 05-09's.
  6. the remote turbos seem ideal from what i have read... lower oper. temp, easier install... But if my wife drives it like our shelby daytona (r.i.p.) I will be looking at a big block. I can tell you that things got hella room under the hood!
  7. Ford has always made it difficult to convert the V6 model to a dual exhaust system...they want to maintain the distinction between it and the GT model. Let's face it, most folks will instantly recognize a GT from a distance with the dual exhaust.
  8. there have many threads on v6 exhaust and the more popular in my opinion is the rear exit magnaflow which is not true dual. It is a bolt on kit but you can not remove the old pipes on jack stands unless you cut them off.
    Some say it sounds like a Fararri. :)

    google it
    2010 Mustang 4.0L V6 Dual rear exit Magnaflow Exhaust