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  1. Okay here's my Q.

    Are there any dual exausts that make V-6 not sound like rice.

    If not I'll fab up one of my own with two stock mufflers.
  2. Nope and good luck.
  3. Damn

    Has anyone ever heard of Raven mufflers? If so were can I buy them.
  4. actually Macs don't sound like rice at all. Sounds real nice at any rpms. Its just not the loudest duals you can find, but they sound really good
  5. A lot of people like MACs. Personally, I have flowmasters, which some people don't like for various reasons. (too loud, too much interior resonance, don't like the "gurgle", etc.) I love mine though. I've gotten numerous comments from v8 guys saying how good my car sounds. Of course performance-wise they still tear me a new one, but hey, it's a start. Search the archives for mufflers and stuff. If I recall correctly, not too long ago there was a thread about this and someone posted a link to a page that had a whole bunch of sound files for different exhaust setups. Anyone remember it?
  6. I have some nock off mufflers that sound real good, and arent to loud
  7. Your right there was a recent thread about this. I was the first to post on it. I searched and didn't find what I was looking for.

    I really just want to sound original I know Its never going to sound like a V8. But I don't want to sound like a ricer either.

    Does anybody still have their stock muffler laying around?
  8. I got flowmasters and i love them ,no one has ever said they sounded ricey
  9. borlas sound good
  10. i have flowmasters as well.. i once had someone who didn't believe me that my car was a 6 because of the exhaust...

    i had to pop the hood and let him see for himself.

    but, imo flowmasters all the way
  11. yep, my friend just had his cats removed and put on dual flows....sounds really nice! im putting on 2 chamber flowmasters this week but leaving the cats, im sure it will sound pretty good.
  12. Jarrell, I still have my stock muffler.
  13. A new muffler on the market is probably the best option i've ever heard. It is called vforce. Great muffler. i have flowmasters on mine which sounds okay but i'd like to change it over.
  14. www.mustangexhaust.com
  15. And are expensive... but they do sound good.
  16. Do u guy's think I could pass CA emissions with a cam and high flow cats with the Flowmasters?
    If not I'll buy the cheapest tails, cut the mufflers out, and weld two stock ones in place.
  17. The cam and flowmasters shouldn't be a problem. For the high flow cats, you'd probably have to check the specific brand/cat you're looking at to know for sure.
  18. Don't mufflers do jack and sh#t for emissions. So the flows wouldn't be the problem.
    What do cats do? And how do they work?
  19. flowmaster :hail2:
    I would already have flowmasters duals tipped off with cobra r side tips ...but im not sure if it voids the warranty ... so any help?