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  1. Screw the damn warranty.
  2. do you know what a warranty is? haha... i get it fixed for free if something is wrong...im not screwin that up...but i have heard it doesnt...but im researching...

  3. wahts this gurgle that you speak of?

  4. Actually it's not free.
    My Water pump got cracked andU have to pay a certain amount for each part and the labor costs.

    If I did the work my self it would have costed much less.

    I no longer belive in warranties.
    Just a contract that makes u go to an over priced dealer for parts.
  5. It happens when you downshift... I don't know what exactly the noise is. Technically I guess it's a half-assed rumble. I'll put it this way... it would be a rumble if it was coming from a V-8.
  6. I don't think exhaust is covered in the warranty since its exposed to the elements and mufflers wear out and stuff. And if it IS covered by the warranty, then replacing the mufflers doesn't void anything except exhaust related stuff. Like say for example you put on flowmasters and your transmission breaks. The dealer has to fix it under warranty since the flowmasters had nothing to do with the transmission.
  7. I should have just replied to everyone's questions in one post... i'm just a dumbass. Anyway, mufflers don't do a thing to emissions. They do just what their name implies... they muffle the noise produced by the engine. Cats (short for catalytic converters) absorb some of the bad stuff that is produced when you burn gasoline. I'm not sure if they have some sort of chemical in them or what to do that though. :shrug: I do know that to work efficiently the exhaust has to be above a certain temperature. So when you first turn your car on, the cats aren't doing a thing and all the pollution is gettin out into the atmosphere.
  8. Thanks, I know I'm not the one that originated this thread, but you all did help me out a lot in my decision on what exhaust to get. Flowmasters it is!!

    So does anyone know where I can get a good Flowmasters exhaust system for my 97 v6?

    00StangV6Coupe, where did you get your kit at? I want the gurgle noise and all. My uncle has an exhaust system on his cobra, and I loved the gurgling noise!!! I know mine will never be as deep unless I do an engine swap, but I just want duals for now. A nice kit that's worth it, with no ricey noise, I'm done with the imports...