Dug Up An Old Youtube Vid

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  1. Sitting here, bored. Nobodies home 'cept me. So I'm killing time.

    This video was taken by the shop owner, comprised of stills he'd assembled over the years of me and my goofy assed exploits. There are about 4 cars covered in the vid, and several of them **gasp!!** drag cars.

    It's a good way to kill 4 minutes, and it's set to Metallica's Unforgiven, so take a look.
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  2. Now as a follow up to the vid, I had a thing for Mitsu Starions/Chrysler Conquests in the early 2000's.

    The White car w/ the never ending purple stripe had a 393w and a glide. It ran a best of 5.65 in the 1/8th on alcohol, and a 300 hp shot.
    The first outing before that car was painted that way did such a violent wheelstand it literally got space shuttle vertical. I just panicked, and lifted, and the whole car came smashing down.

    Those AJE wheelie bars were the very next purchase,.....but they sucked ass. That car scared the hell outta me every time, with wheelstands that would just keep coming up until I eventually folded one of the wheelie bars over, and almost hit the wall at 60'.

    The Blue/Black Conquest went from a 347NA powered street car w/ a tremec 3550, to a round tube backhalf that sported a R-302 blocked 363 TT. Tiny assed little 57 trim garret T-3 turbos. It made a best of 631 WHP. I sold it as a roller to fund the 86 that had the monster 95mm turbo in the first parts of the vid. Same engine that was in the conquest, but w/ 16 150 lb injectors glued into a Super Victor intake. (See, I was gluing shi t together long before this car)
    It was never dyno'd, but it ran 5 teens when it wasn't killing something. (This was the car that started my contempt for a drag car)
    The Zig-Zag Zephyr had a completely worn out 302 in it backed by a C4 w/ a sportsman fogger.
    It had a nitrous cam w/ such a lazy LC, that the car ran 8.30's in the 1/8 on the motor, and went two seconds faster when persuaded w/ nitrous to the tune of a 200 HP shot. It had so much blow by, there'd be oil all over the engine compartment after every pass.
  3. That's cool Mike. Most of us are lucky to get one car to work on in our lifetime. I bet you have a lot of fun memories in those cars.

  4. He only has the regret of building them damned race mobiles!
  5. Opened up with you in a dress

    Thankfully got better from there

    6 tomatoes
  6. PFFFT!!

    Shows what you know about stuff.:nonono:

    That's not a dress. It's an ACME brand hip and leg splatter protector held on by the very rare adhesive backed belt.

    I thought you especially would enjoy the video,...not only does it feature those race only cars solely, two of them are morphadite transplants w/ different branded engines instead of how they came stock.
    That is why I'm so tolerant of hybrid branded swaps in fox bodies. I guess I'm just a pioneer.:rolleyes:

    For the rest, that paint booth that I built is covered in anti-mike graffitti, to include the hereto banned phrase:

    "Mike is wrong"
  7. Not quite Steven Spielberg quality, but a close second.
    It gives us some understanding and appreciation of all that you have accomplished beyond your previous two efforts here on Stangnet.

    Keep up the good work. It is certainly interesting and motivating for the rest of us Mustang guys.
  8. I will never get those 4 minutes of my life back.....
    You sure have had some neat projects over the years!
  9. Admittedly, the video could be better, and he spent waaay too much time w/ too many of the same pics, but,..I'm not the one who did it, so what the hell.
  10. So.... :scratch:

    Who was that dapper young man? o_O
  11. Mike, thanks for the videos. Always interesting to see mad scientists at work. What ever happened to all of those cars
  12. I liked it a lot Mike. Your level of craftsmanship really hasn't changed. Just shifted direction. Gotta be cool to know you've built some badass rides
  13. if you can call 46 "dapper, and young" that was me 10 years ago.
  14. all sold, seems to be my motus operandi.