Dumb question about serp. belt

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  1. I measured my belt while it was on th car, I just sort of ran the string over the pulleys and belt while it was on there. The string is 90", isnt that kind of big? I also went to the NAPA website to get a number for a pulley and I have 2 options, serp belt for auto and serp belt for Manual trans. My car was originally equipped with a manual but has since been converted to AOD, so which should I get? Sorry for the stupid question, Thanks. Its an 87 5.0 with All accessories.
  2. I dont really think there is any diffrence at all. I dont see how there could be.

  3. There is no difference between autos and manuals. You prob got mixed up with AC and no AC
  4. It could have been with a smog pump or without a smog pump. This might help.

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  5. Stock belt length on a 79 5.0 is 93.5 inches. I think newer ones are a bit shorter because the AC pulley is smaller.

    It is easy to check the catalog data for lenght at the parts store.

    Sometimes the best fit varies by 1/2 in or so between cars. If you have removed accessories, all bets are off, you have to measure and experiment.