Dumbs*** O'Reilly Manager!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by red94fiveo, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. I have met some not so bright employees at O'reilly's before, but today I met the dumbest one ever, and he was the manager. I went in needing two things, a rear shock for my 97 civic coupe, and the gasket that goes between the upper/lower intake on my GT40 intake. When I asked him about the shock and told him it was for a 97 civic coupe, he then asked me if it was a station wagon? WTF? They didn't even make Civic wagons that year, if ever! So then I got the shock and the gasket and went out to my car. I decided to look at the gasket just in case. Sure enough, it was for the GT intake manifold. I had told him I needed one for a 94 Cobra (same as GT40 manifold). So I go back in and tell him I need the gasket for the Cobra and not the GT, he tells be there are no 94 Cobras! I told him no you're wrong, but he wouldn't believe me. He then wonders if I'm thinking of the 95 or 96 Cobras with the 4.6. I tried to tell him that 94-95 Cobras did exist and they were 5.0's, with the 4.6's introduced in 96, but it was useless. I finally just got my money back. I really want to take my intake in their and slam it down on the table to prove him wrong, but I doubt it would do any good. So now I'm done going to O'reillys. Sorry for the rant.
  2. thats just stupid. What a complete idiot. But deep down you know that your are right and you know how much of an idiot this "manager" really is. i would go back in there with a magazine article and slam it down on the table. Better yet, if you know of anyone with a 94 cobra drive over to O'reilly's and go in there and say "SO YOUR TELLING ME THAT THAT CAR SITTING RIGHT THERE, WITH THE GUY WAVING TO YOU, IS NOT A COBRA!!! NOT TO MENTION A 4.6!!!" that would sure as hell make me feel better! :D

  3. I guess they are just different everywhere. The O'Reilly's over here is almost like a body shop. They'll help you with anything. They are extremely helpful with troubleshooting too.

  4. See thats the same experience I've had at Autozone here. They are helpful with everything, and always seem to know what they are talking about. Its just that every once in a while I have to go to O'Reillys and they always seem to be clueless. I'm sure there are plenty of very knowledable people that work at O'Reilly's, but I just don't ever seem to meet any of them.
  5. I call on Auto Parts stores (about 300 per year) for a living. The good news is they are independent or Company owned traditional stores. These guys are sharp. However the retail store counter guys are pathetic. Some are decent but most or at least the ones down here don't know all that much. O'Reileys is in our top 5 of biggest customers. Just finding good counter people in general is hard to find.
  6. I have same problem back in '02 when I have 92 Probe 3.0 V6 , one day I try find damn belt in Advanceautoparts , when I tell him I have 92 3.0L Probe he tell me there is no 92 3.0L there is only 2.5L what a idiot, and a few times They give me wrong parts like IAC for Mustang, and a few seals for rear end :notnice: