Dupli Color Fabric Dye - Product Review PICs

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  1. Just wanted to share this with you guys cause I know there were a couple of you interested in dying fabric.

    I decided to keep my rear seats instead of doing a RSD and needed them to match my front seats (silver/black corbeaus) better.

    I came across Dupli Color's Vinyl and Fabric Dye and here are the results...

    Only downside so far is that the fabric feels a little more course now. I haven't sat on them yet so I can't guarantee that the color won't rub off, but no one sits in my back seats so I don't care.

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  2. I converted an old Euro car from baby blue to black decades ago. I used the same stuff on the carpet in the car (the seats and trim were all leather, vinyl, and wood, so the carpet was the only medium similar to your seats). That said, it was a short, course nap carpet. It has held up quite well. In wear areas where there was lots of chafing (my clutch foot), I would touch it up once a year. It would simply kinda fade, not come off.

    I did totally douche the carpet though. You probably used lighter coats (like you're supposed to). :nice: Since the seats don't get wear, I dont see why they'd degrade. There are times that my RSD is a PITA - I like your idea Dave.

    The pics look good brah. :nice:
  3. That looks great!

    Stogies and working on the car FTW.

  4. i see we went through like 5 cigars during this process? LOL
  5. I redid kick panel carpet on my winter car with the same. IF you wash it after it dries, it feels exactly the same as before. Not bad for $8.