Dupont Teflon Carwax

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  1. DO NOT TRY IT! This stuff sucks royal azz! The shine sucks, and the worst part it trying to rub it off :nonono: I tried it on my g/f's car because we were waxing it and wanted to try a new wax, and it took me forever to wipe the little part I did off with a terry cloth towel... I ended up using a shop rag which worked better, but still took forever to get it off. I would not recomend this wax to anyone, not even someone I hate. Just thought I'd share my experience with it if anyone else was curious to how well it worked or didnt work.
  2. In terms of durability it's not the greatest but as far as shine it's great on my black car....which a lot of stuff isn't. I'd reccomend it.
  3. Megs #26 looks great on red. My personal favorite is Meg's #16 :drool: now theres a shine and durability (with a well preped paint ;)).
  4. What do u mean meguires #26? I have a red car, I did meguires 3 step. What are those #'s you speak of.
  5. I just used Eagle 1's Nano wax the best way to get it off is the micro fiber towels, I tryed the oribital buffer and the buffing pads load up to quickly. So far Meguiars gold care has been the best on black IMO.
  6. Yea well turtle wax sucks too. It leaves streaks and hazy spots all over, especially on my hood. :notnice: The Dupont teflon car soap is okay I guess. As long as it doesn't cut through wax then it's fine with me.
  7. i actually i just tried the new amour all wash/wax gel pack... this stuff is cheap and really good... no need for a bucket wet the car, squirt on the wash and clean like you normally would. Then while the car is still wet squirt on the wax (wax as you dry type stuff) and dry it with a chamoise (sp) looks pretty good and it wasn't expensive at all
  8. Most of Meg's product are identified by 2 things 1. of course there name and 2 Meg's uses a number system. I use Meg's mirror glaze #16 and or Meg's High Tech Yellow wax #26 and use Meg's Final detail #34 for in between waxes.
    Meg's #26
    Meg's #34
    Notice the #'s they use.
  9. I use zymoil cleaner/wax followed by the dupont teflon wax and it leaves a swirl free deep shine. Comes off ok but if there's still excess after I remove the residue I wipe it down with NXT spray shine.

  10. Which turtle wax? The Ultra Gloss is nothing but shine :spot: I have a black car so any streaks or hazy spots would be easy to see.
  11. The Super Hard Shell stuff I guess. It's just a green bottle that says:

    "Turtle Wax
    Super Hard Shell Wax"
  12. what about the teflone car wash soap any experience with it?
  13. I love the Dupont wax!! :nice:

    Meguiars is still my favorite though :hail2:
  14. I use it, I guess it works pretty good. Don't really know what it's supposed to do, but it gets the car clean, and it stays clean longer than with the old soap I used.
  15. zymol baby, best cleaner wax I've ever used

  16. Thats why :rolleyes: They have a whole new line out now...the ultra gloss paste is what i have used. They have the liquid too but i have not tried it. :nice:
  17. I used meguires 83 today with a foam buffing pad and that **** worked great. The 83 is a cleaner/polisher and it left a nice shine, I need to wax it now and see how nice it'll look. That stuff took out swirl marks and light scratches. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what its really like since I didnt get a chance to see it in the sun yet.
  18. Meguires Gold Paste wax gets my vote.

    Looks killer on my old black truck, and my red and gray vehicles I have now.