Duraflex Wide Body Kit Front Fenders

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  1. Hello to all,

    This is my first post ever on here and I would also like to say hello for Demonica, my 2000 Ford Mustang. I bought her Otc. 29th, 2012 and I been trying to get a car show sponsorship last year around this time. I can tell you I struck out everywhere.

    Anyways, I came across the Duraflex Wide Body Front Fenders that gained my interest and attention, but the only thing is the brand. I read that Extreme Dimension isn't a good brand to buy from (also sent a sponsorship proposal to them). I was wondering, is it worth getting the E.D Duraflex Wide Boy front fenders consider that they are very flexible or need wood screws from what i read in other forums.

    I also wanted to buy a Spyder 3 Hood as well.


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  2. I am confused as to why you would need wood screws ANYWHERE on a ANY car?
  3. Because wood

  4. You got me...
  5. you shoulda bought a cavalier
  6. Sorry for the wait,

    The reason I "wanted" those fenders because I'm a greenhorn/noob/newbie in aftermarket bodykit mods. I didn't know I would need woodscrew or anything of the like to add onto Demonica.

    Demonica, 2000 Mustang, is my first and hopefully only car I ever had and I want to change her appearance a little. After realizing I would have to buy the entire Wide Body kit, I rather keep her body as is, but I do plan on buying a Ram Air Extract hood for her. She's going to be a daily car and a show car.

    Other than a new hood (don't like the installed hood and it has small cracks), her body will stay the same and a dark blue and black paintjob will spice her up a little.
  7. I don't know much about bodykit aftermarket parts, but I am gradually obtaining more information. I'm just sticking with getting a new hood and MAC Dual Exhaust.
  8. Good idea, start small
  9. What I plan on doing to Demonica

    1. Heat Extraction hood
    2. New Head and Tail Lights
    3. Mac Dual Exhaust because a single exhaust sucks
    4. Black Foose Matte Wheels (4)
    5. Bolt on Hood Struts
    6. MSD Performance pack

    and that's just the outside lol
  10. Dont waste your money on anything MSD
  11. I take it their products suck like E.D.?
  12. Theyre ok but totally unneccesary, wont give you any benefits over stock other than need replacing more often
  13. True. Cross that off the list lol. The struts are mandatory because I'm tired of that single prop up stick plus it would be safer knowing you can work on the engine bay without the hood falling because one part
  14. Ive got them on my fox. Pretty easy install, just measure twice so they are in the correct location

  15. So I seen and heard. It's probably the easiest installation of any aftermarket part, but who knows lol.

    The struts will be a good addition with the new hood and after cleaning out Demonica's fuel system better mileage and improvement on the engine's life.
  16. I'm not sure how they'd work with an aftermarket hood, but the MRT struts don't need any drilling or measuring to install. They use existing bolts in the fenderwell/engine bay and on the hood hinge. I've got their struts on my '03 and installation was a breeze (well, except for when they initially sent me the wrong mounts, but they corrected that promptly).
  17. I know I saw some on American Muscle website and i think the only thing you would need is glue.