Electrical Duralast model 24F-60, compatibility

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  1. I bought a Duralast battery at Autozone, according to the model of my car, a mechanic fixed my car and lost my battery :mad: , and gave me another Duralast model 24F-60, this battery is compatible with my car?
    cranking amps = 750A
    Cold start = 600A
  2. To find out for sure, have them look it up at a place that carries Duralast. But it really comes down to three things. 1. Does it fit the battery tray and hold down? 2. Does it have enough CCA (COLD cranking amps, not just cranking amps) and reserve for your application? It sounds like a stock replacement range battery to me. I felt the one I just got at Advance Auto was small, but it was what they called for. If you have a monster stereo, it may not have enough reserve with 600 CCA. 3. Are the terminals right, (top side or both), and in the right location to reach your cables?

    In short, if it fits without hitting the hood or bouncing, it is close enough.
  3. stock battery is a group size 58 i believe.

    however you can easily use that battery with most battery relocation kits.
  4. The battery according autozone is:
    cranking amps = 675A
    Cold start = 540A
    Reserve minutes = 90

    And they gave me is a bit higher:
    cranking amps = 750A
    Cold start = 600A
    Reserve minutes = 110
    then the change will benefit me?
  5. ok first off like I stated the correct battery size is a group size 58 so fitment might not be the best however yes the more CCA and CA will help just be sure the battery is well secured because it t come in contact with your hood it will arc and can create an electrical fire.
  6. What he said plus, 24f is probably bigger than the dinky battery Ford put in. You HAVE to make sure it is clamped down or bad things can happen. If I remember right, the F stands for Ford's flipped + and - terminal sides. That may or may not make yor cables reach. The extra battery power could be good in an extreme enviroment. I would have asked for the correct one unless I knew it fit.