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  1. Has anyone successfully put a duramax or other diesel truck turbo on a Mustang and it functioned reliably. New to the site I searched couldn't find much.
  2. Holset is the way to go if you are looking for a diesel turbo. Other good junkyard finds are Schwitzer, and borg warner turbos. I have not seen anyone run a duramax turbo but I am not going to say they are not out there.
  3. Thanks for the reply but I actually got a free gt37va off a duramax that's y im asking looking for low budget build lmao.
  4. I read that diesel turbos wont hold up to the heat gas exhaust creates plus this turbo has a sylinoid on it I believe is vvt not sure how to make that work. never done a turbo just read other peoples post
  5. My advice. Sell that turbo then use the money to buy a turbo that you can use easily.
  6. Yeah that's an idea don't know y I didn't think about that thanks ill test the waters on craigslist
  7. Most diesel turbos aside from an HX35 or HY35 have way too large of exhaust housings to work on a 2.3L turbo unless it's a seriously built engine. And I wouldn't even want to try messing with VVT. Just sell it.
  8. No this is for a 5.0 thought this was were all turbo questions go im new havnt figured out all the categories yet
  9. I don't see how not, when diesels run way hotter using compression ignition and all that. Whom ever wrote that was wrong. Infact diesel is thinner than gasoline.
  10. im not 100% but what i meant was the diesel variable vane turbine geometry cant withstand the heat suposedly porshes new 996 or 998 or whatever they are (doesnt matter i cant afford them). have used better metals and made it possible. ive done alot of searching on these variable vane turbos and decided i can make it work evan if i just fix them so they dont move and add a wastegate. the turbo may be a little big for my stock cobra 5.0 though:doh:
  11. Get a Kenne Bell and be done with it. I make full boost by 1200 and it pulls to redline. The torque curve is amazing.
  12. id love to but im on a budget hence the free turbo. I had a lightning and loved that truck. The blower sounded awesome. I hate the heat soak though. after three passes at the treck she'd slow down. if i could find one for a grand id do it. always been curious about turbos too.
  13. Uhhh...think ya got that a bit backwards there bud. Diesels run a lot cooler than gas engines- at idle a diesel is only running about 300 degrees (measured by an EGT probe at the exhaust port) and at max load, can't go higher than 1250 degrees or so without melting pistons. Gas engines typically run in the range of 1400 degrees EGT.

    Also, diesel is definitely thicker than gasoline. Gasoline is almost like water, diesel is like a very light weight oil and it does not evaporate like gasoline does.
  14. thanks for the break down red lx i wasnt going to pretend i know sxxx about diesels but everything ive read talks about the heat diference being an issue. this duramax turbo is also water cooled so thats a plus.
  15. Well, not sure about a V8- lots of people run Holset turbos on 2.3L turbos, and I've seen a few people utilize Powerstroke & Holset turbos on 5.0's. Really, a turbo is a turbo- on a regular one at least, they're all pretty much the same internally. Don't know about VVT type turbos though- not many people use those, and the ones that do usually "fix" the vanes in one position.
  16. +1.

    This is painfully common topic with budget DIYers; they get a cheap turbo and want to make it work even though it'snot at all practical or optimal. You'll make up for the "free" price installing that thing and trying to make it do anything useful. VNT/VGT turbos (not VVT; that's variable valve timing used in cars) don't have the aftermarket support of vane controllers yet. There might be one for the electronic Holset VNTs by now, but not for the hydraulic Garrett VNTs like you have.