DUW, back in the sn95 game................sorta :)

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  1. Well, i just picked me up a 2001 rustang (sorta an sn95), very very very happy with it :D
    Ride quality is 100x better than my old fox P.O.S. and the sound.....wow, unbelievable
    Original v6 car, converted over to 98 cobra spec, the guy gave me a ShttTon of papers about wires and stuff, and some diagrams....ya, i was lost.
    I also have a spare white face gauge cluster (160mph, 7k rpm redline) for sale

    DOHC :nice:
    Mach 460, 6 disk CD :nice:
    Leather :nice:
    Long tubes :banana:
    4.30 gears :D
    Nitto DR's :flag:
    Yellow :D

    I drove it 100 miles home, best trip in my life, i did get on it from a stop and WOW, this fcker PULLS, i chickened out at 6k rpms though :(
    My only plans are next summer get some nice rims, and take off those gay side stripes :notnice:


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  2. Didn't you just post about how you were going away to school, and you plan on owning a Mustang for another 15 years because you had to devote all your time to studying and not wasting your life on Mustang forums!?

    Or was that someone else!?
  3. wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what happened to your big college dreams, looks like more hours WASTED on stangnet.
  4. Oh....and NICE car! Hell of a sleeper.
  5. I dont know what you guys are talking about....must have been someone else???

    BTW-on my 6th mustang, only 18 years old....not too shabby huh :shrug:
  6. Yea i tought you said you werent gonna buy another mustang for a while. How long you plannin on keepin this one? My guess........ 3 months.
  7. at LEAST 3.1 months :rlaugh:
  8. i smell a pool comin on. my money's on january 18-30. who else is in? how about 5 bucks a spot.
  9. Very sweet stang dude :nice:
  10. thats a bad**s car man, total sleeper, noone would have a clue. i bet u will definately surprise a few people
  11. ya, definately a sleeper, Even if people think its a v8, they have no idea it runs 12's :D
  12. Talk about cheating the insurance company! :nice:
    Too bad you can't cheat at the pump! :nonono:

    No seriously. Was this planned and were you pulling our chain about not owing another mustang or did you stumble upon it and say you just had to have it?? :shrug:

    Oh, and try to keep this one at least 4 months this time!
  13. Sleeper in deed very nice man. Now picture a blower :drool:. The paint looks good I don't think your going to need the buffer :D, the interior though need a good wipe down.
  14. When i made that post about getting out of the game, i still planned on looking at this one, and i fell in love and bought it.....I told the guy i'd buy the car 6weeks ago but i had a hell of a time selling my car (buyers never showed up).
  15. Looks good man, glad u found another mustang and found your way back in the game...I was to looking to get out, but you cant, once its got you buy the strong hold you are toast LOL, I bet shes a blast to drive with 4.30s and the 4 valve
  16. def. a blast to drive, only "got on it" twice though, but even 5th gear acceleration is pretty impressive, i went from 65mph to 100mph in no time (trying to catch up to my dad who was speeding)
  17. Congrats bud! So umm, how is the mod motor tech sub forum? :lol: (I once posted a thread in there when I was helping a buddy and David, 5spd GT from 5.0 tech, was the only one to reply IIRC). :rlaugh:

    Glad to hear that you really like this one. Should be a nice reliable car for school too. :nice:
  18. what did you pay for that
  19. the magical price of $7800, not bad for a 300rwhp fully loaded 2001 mustang w/ 40k miles :D
  20. Wow I would so leave it just like that, and spray a 100 shot! Awesome sleeper status