DUW, back in the sn95 game................sorta :)

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  1. I am the former owner of that car.
    It ran an 8.43 1/8th mile @ 84mph, 60' was a 2.0 iirc, only made one pass as the track was going away.
    It does NOT have pullies on it, never said it did, they're not worth the potential problems for minimal gains.
    It runs strong, I'd put it at 12.8-12.9, stoplight to stoplight it will get out on stockish LS1's, just don't go after one from a roll, my stock 02 SS walked it pretty bad from 80-120, had 5-6 cars and it was only getting worse.
    On a friend's Mustang dyno the car put down 292rwhp. On a Dynojet, it should be 300+.
    Do NOT throw those diagrams away. They are the key to that car, those EVTM CD's I gave you are also worth their weight in gold should problems arise. You need to understand that.
    Patrick, get off this ****ty site and onto one with some decent tech. Stangnet is 98% 17yr olds with the maturity of a 12 yr old spending mommy's $ and acting like they know wtf they're talking about when they just learned terms earlier that day.

    Give me a jingle when you want to take a poke at the window, should be cake to fix.

    Before you get skeptical get hooktonphonix. :nonono:
  2. jon01,
    it is alright to assume that u know everything about cars and whatnot, and some people here might be 17 years old, but i have found out that age has nuthing to do with it. i know 20 year old kids that know more than most 40 year old people. it all depends on the person. this site is not the best site on the net for modular needs, but it is a good site with some helpful people that will at least try and help someone out, whereas some of these other boards turn there nose up at u because u werent there when the site started. if u dont think these people know hwat they are saying that is fine to each there own but there isnt any reason for u to be talking like that on this site. i dont say anything like that about anybody and noone else will either, and for that matter i bet u dont know half of what u act like u do. i am 21 years old and havebuilt 4V modular motors from a bareblock up, as well as converted a 96 gt to full cobra spec. you did a good job on the car no doubt but dont come on here and act like u r the only one who can do anything, cuz this site isnt about that. there is no room for someone like u to be on here bashing anybody.

  3. Not hardly. BTW, look what car he owns..... & look where he's posting. "94-95 Talk". It's not just a tech thing. We're a "Stang family", if you will. Hell, he had a Fox last .... but still posted here all the time.

    BTW, if YOU built that car, you did an excellent job. Nice & clean.
  4. Whos red stang is that in the third pic and what year is it?
  5. Where are the good sites? I really wanna know.
    Like with most sites, there are some smarter folks and some who are learning (true of anywhere). I consider myself in the latter group, as any other mindset is naive and ostentatious IMHO. And that mixing of 'students and teachers' is kind of what makes a troubleshooting-and-modification forum possible. I guess on the really good forums, there are no threads since everyone knows all the answers. :rlaugh:
    Some folks enjoy helping out younger members while not making them feel like retards. Some folks forget that at one time, they did not know it all. That lack of condescension is part of what makes this place work.
    Different sites cater to different needs (along the lines of not ordering a hamburger at the Chinese restaurant). I go elsewhere for more specialized or particular subjects. No brainer.

    As individuals, we dont know how to do everything, but collectively we can figure most stuff out and get it done pretty effectively. This site rocks for the rapport between members (which is part of what keeps some folks coming back) and volume of posts. Other sites are sterile or overridden with cliques. And waiting for a week for a reply can get 'old' (pun intended).

    And FWIW, that is an all-time opening post.

    Good luck with the next project. That is a fun lookin' sig you have. Patrick spoke well of you before he even bought the car so perhaps that post was just worded a little strongly or another member's post bothered you.
    Good luck.
  6. So I'm supposed to believe that you've done those things yet can't form a grammatically correct sentence?
    I bash who I see fit and I don't intend to stay long, I just don't want that car to be damaged by misinformation and bad technical input, that's all. Nothing personal, but why take second rate information when better can be found elsewhere? SVTperformance, modularfords and mod-depot all have good tech areas, Stangnet is where you go to shoot the ****.
    I had no intention of saying what I did about the site, but after reading the little tech input people gave in this thread alone, taking a powdered metal rod with a cast piston on the end to 7k is not a wise thing to do repeatedly when there is nothing to be gained by going over 6100 for example. These oversights motivated me to speak my mind. If you don't like it, life sucks, deal with it.
    FYI, I'm 24. All of my cars, their mods, et all have been paid for by me. My LX was completely stock when I bought it, now it puts down nearly 570rwhp.
    My GN was also nearly stock, it put down 452/656 when I was done with it.
    The Charger is a completely #'s matching survivor R/T that looks completely stock save for headers, dyno #'s in sig.
    I'm not here to piss in your wheaties, like I said, I don't want to see the car damaged due to someone's misinformation. Patrick's a bright guy, but there is no replacement for good guidance over bad when it comes to these things.

    I can't take credit for that car, it was put together by a very nice guy down in Florida. He did do a very very good job and has been more than helpful in the questions I've had. He deserves the credit, but I don't think he posts around here.

    You're right, I don't know half as much as I think I do, it's actually twice as much. :banana:

    Hissin-I may have come off a bit harsh, but so is a rod coming through the pan at 7200 rpm after a piston falls apart. I'm a nice guy, just have zero patience for bad info. There was a day I didn't know a thing about Mustangs, but I used the search feature before asking, and did a lot of observing. That's the best way to learn, you pick up everything rather than the answer to your specific problem.
    Thanks for the props, I take a lot of pride in my toys. Not sure what I'm moving on to, maybe a Z06, the hydraulic clutch shouldn't wreak havoc with my knee like the KC in that car did. There's an Electron Blue 02 I've been watching for a while, guy who owns it has been talking about the 06 Z a lot lately, hopefully I'll be able to snag it off of him sometime this winter and dig into it.
  7. Jon, I see what you mean. But as you said, don't forget that Patrick is a smart guy. I dont see him doing anything major without a good bit of research and asking of folks (such as yourself and folks on those forums) first.
    He knows not to gleam mod-motor tech info from a 5.0 Talk sub-forum (I can forgive incorrect info, knowing that). We ourselves are responsible for deciding what is smart and correct.

    I also don't like to see bad info on tech threads, but we just have different ways of interjecting. Both work. Like I said, Patrick spoke highly of you, which was why I thought that first post might have depicted you harshly. It seems as if that could be a correct inference (your next post displayed your perspective a little better).

    Good luck with the car hunt. You are a connoisseur of taste.

  8. luckily for me this isnt grammar school. i am not trying to form gramatically correct sentences here, i know my modulars, i lived on the depot before i got another pushrod car. i know where good tech is and i also know where good people are. and i dont care what the rods/pistons are made of, i know that they will rev those rpm's, and will handle it with the right preventative maintenance, how many people are going to put 4.30's in a car and shift it at 6K rpm's? that just seems pointless to me, and as far as me doing it i did it and the car stil runs around my local spot. it went 12.80's with less than what u got, given it was prolly a bit lighter, but that car was shifted at 6700 rpm's, my point was to let him know a few things about it since everyone was throwing up suggestions, if u had read all my posts u would know i told him to go to modulardepot, and that for the best in 4V tech to go to boss330racing, and ask him what he wants to know as that man knows a 4V better ford i bet, and he has one of the fastest ones in america. you didnt even put the car together. i built the motor that went into my 96 gt.i dont know eveyrhting about cars but i would certainly put my knowledge of the mod motor up against yours anyday of the week.

  9. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Must really suck having to pay other people to take care of your cars. Don't worry about the grammar stuff Mac-man. A lot of people from Iowa have a complex when it comes to that stuff. After all...


    no offense Super302

  10. So, no Ranger? I predicted about 2 months before you got another stang, guess I was a little off. :D
  11. That thread about getting a ranger was a joke, FYI
  12. tell ya super.. to call that nice fox a POS.. i dont think you deserve it.. second of all.. you DID say you werent gettin another mustang but you edited it out.. go over to the 4.6 forums and stay there.. we dont need ya :D :notnice: :notnice:
  13. your lucky that thing has 4.30s because 96-98 DOHC motors are pretty weak kneeed until 4,500+ RPM.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. A little personal note to Jon01:

    People might be more likely to listen to you if you stopped being an asshat and weren't so quick to voice your superiority.

    Where did you find this guy Patrick?

    BTW, maybe one of these days you can start from the beginning instead of buying someone elses project. Personally I don't trust many other peoples work.
  16. Hmmmm... you're saying it's a ****ty site after you registered and wrote a 4 page reply.

    As for your tech comment, if your could read, this is the talk section. I'm pretty sure if you went to tech, the guys there could teach your noob ass a thing or two. They won't have online sex with you though so don't be dissapointed.

    As for the 12 yr old comment, I take offense to that and I'm sure all the guys on here do also. I am currently in college and I'm working part time to pay for insurance. I also payed for all of my mods. Unlike you, you probably gave head to your mechanic so he'd install those parts for free. :crazy:

    EDIT by mod for profanity. Keep it clean please.
  17. Gettin read for the lock. Keep it clean and civil.
  18. any comments about my car :(
  19. yeah u got a sweet car man, and if u have any questions about it u can pm me and i can possibly help you out. contrary to what the seller of ur car believes i have built several modular cars. but you got a sweet ride, didnt mean for the thread to end up coming to what it has.
  20. YOu are saying that on a DOHC 4v motor with B heads its not worth it to revv over 6,100rpm?????? You sir are a retard, i dont see how you buying all ur mods yourself makes you some kind of resident expert on all cars. I have several friends with DOHC cobras and we have all experimented with different shift points. shifting aroudn 6,000 resulted in a loss of E.T. and MPH in all of them, less for 99+ C headed cars though. My friends bolt on 98 makes peak power at 5,900rpm, and makes A LOT of usable power all the way up to 6,500rpm. A crisp shift at 6,800rpm keeps him in his power band nicely. Also your saying that that having a cast piston on the end of his connecting rod is not good for revving high, please tell me that a heavy forged piston would be his best bet for revving his motor high as possible. Good lord all of my DOHC friends have logged hundreds of WOT passes shifting at 6,800rpm or so and NONE of them have sent a rod through their oil pan :rolleyes: . Oh but wait you paid for all your mods with your own money so you know all about everything.

    Also, why do you think that you can grade everyone on their freakin grammer. Im about to graduate with my BA and just about everyone on here is either college educated or on their way to having their degree. The fact is its a damn web site not a freakin research paper, i dont capitalize i dont spell check i just damn write. So stop trying to freakin make yourself seem better than others.