DUW, back in the sn95 game................sorta :)

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  1. I like. You know I'm all about the sleeper look.
  2. you WERE all about the sleeper look, didnt you just get new rims and stuff??
  3. Hey Jon dude.. if were all 17 and maturity of a 12 year old bc were on here.. then that must count you in to bc your on here... watch what you say dumb***... anywho forget about myself earlier super302, its a nice car have fun poking with the cams :D
  4. Ya got me again! I should have known not to trust you after all the "videos" you posted. :D

    Nice car, BTW. I like the sleeper look. :nice:
  5. I can't WAIT to work on it :rolleyes:
    everything seems so jammed in there....alot different than the 5.0's too, i was like WTF, wheres the distributer :rlaugh:
  6. Wow that guy you bought the car from is a toolbox.
  7. Oh and he thinks svt performance is a better site then this.. I think SVT performance sucks, besides the pics and video room. The terminator section atleast does, its full of a bunch of rich guys that dont know how to even change a spark plug, and ask the same question everyday, what cai will make the most power? Given there are a FEW very knowledgable people but they are few and far between.
  8. Yea, I got $1500 worth of tires and rims for almost nothin. It would have cost me more to buy tires all the way around for my stock waffles.

    Enough about Jon, let it go.
  9. hey if that jon guy is such a badass, why did he stress you having those wiring diagrams? :shrug: is he not capable of figuring stuff out without schematics? what a tool. they should ban him. hey everyone who am i, i'm jon and i'm cool and 24, you suck i rule and your sentence grammar structure stuff is bad.

  10. that has got to be the funniest thing i have ever seen. i would put a smiley somewhere in this sentence if i knew how to make them appear....thats hilarious though
  11. By the way, Jon 01, Super302 is a member of svtp, as am I. The funny thing is, he still posts here. Both sites are good, so get off your high horse. You should expect people not to want to listen to you or even respect you when your very first post on stangnet was bashing it. :nonono:
  12. That's a very nice car you have there man :nice:

    It used to be even more of a sleeper with only an O/R H and flowmasters with dumps before the axle, stock V6 bumper. It certainly scared quite a few people. A leak developed at the passenger log to H joint, so the setup was replaced with the stuff that's on it today. I personally loved the sound of LT's with Borla XR-1. A bit loud, but only when it needs to be. Had one guy comment while participating in a fully sanctioned contest of speed that he couldn't even hear his own car and didn't know when to shift while racing me (5.0 with HCI). He lost, btw.

    Definately a nice car, I would know, I built it :cool:
  13. <<<Confused.
  14. so jon didn't even build it? holy jesus, furthering my point that he is a tool.
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  15. Hey, hows it going :nice:
    Jon gave me your cell phone number (or home phone i dont know), so i might call you sometime to ask a few questions

  16. Yeah, he stated earlier that he DID NOT build it himself .... which had me wandering why he thought he knew everything about it. He also talked about how he paid for all of his own mods .... I think it was a pretty major "mod" to upgrade to a DOHC Cobra motor.... but wait.... it turns out he didn't do that either. Go figure.

    I think someone should do an IP search. I think that is him as another user......
  17. ^^^
    Whoops! Someone help me edit that out! I tried, but it didn't work. I just posted it to express super302's thoughts.....
  18. you weiner brains.....
  19. wow...this tread went CRAZZZY