DUW, back in the sn95 game................sorta :)

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  1. yep, 5 pages of off-the wall excitement :rlaugh:
  2. Jon is a cool guy, he flew into Tally to pick up the car and drove it back to Iowa. That's all I'm going to stay, I make it a point to avoid drama :nice:

    PM me or call me if you've ever got questions about it. I still remember how I got most everything to work on it and a few other little tricks. You will need those EVTM cd's if you ever run into trouble though. I spent a *full week* just mapping out the wiring changes that would have to happen. Good times. One of those unforeseen road blocks when I did the swap.

    The original plan was to build a 347 stroker, but after asking questions in a few places they said that would be too difficult to get working, too many changes. Just get a 4v and be done. What they failed ot mention/didn't know was that the changes made from the '98 to '99+ 4v were drastic in terms of wiring and supporting systems. Engines were very similar, nothing else was. Turns out the only other change I would've had to make to get the 347 working was the K-member. The rest I had to change or deal with anyway.
  3. Whoa i go away for a few more days and manage to miss this too :damnit: