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  1. dvd player

    who makes a good in dash dvd player? Can you play a movie while driving?
  2. go to http://www.crutchfield.com they ahve a huge variety, but DONT BUY FROM THEM!!! they are insanely overpriced, id find what i like then check ebay first, theres alot of good deals on new items on there, if no luck there look around at different sites. and im pretty sure you CAN watch a movie while driving
  3. yes you can watch it while your driving. however, in most states it illegal, and logially its stupid to watch it while your driving if you are the driver. Passengers obviously can watch it. My friend has a dvd player that folds down from the area between the sun visors. pretty nice installation, and it looks just like a storage area when folded up.
  4. I hope as a driver you would watch the road, not tv. :nonono:
  5. OK guys thanks for the info, but let me clear things up. I had read somewhere that the DVD players would not work when you are in drive. I have a five speed so thats why I asked. I would not be watching a movie, just thought it would be BS if you buy this thing and your passenger can't enjoy a flick.
  6. You can bypass it, but it's supposed to shut the screen off unless the parking brake is up.
  7. Our state says that navigational only! Otherwise it must be turned off. Passengers can do whatever, but if the DVD screen is visible to the driver, only navigational. Your buddy might be watching something interesting, and all of a sudden something really hilarious happens, you turn your head, only for a second, but that was one second your eyes werent on the road. Also, there a law about watching ****. Typically its an SUV problem, but lots of times I will watch other peoples shows, and since that makes it public, displying **** is indicent.
  8. Yeah, usually it's illegal if motion video is playing in the driver's sight, and the screen display can only show navigation or a stereo display for it to be legal.
  9. I just had the Clarion 935 in dash 7 inch screen DVD/CD/MP3/DVD-R player put in my 03 GT. It's a manual. Legally, if it's in view of the driver, the shop has to run the ground to the e-brake light. If the e-brake is on, the display will work. I asked the shop that did mine if they would run it to a constant ground and he said, "Sure, but we didn't do it." No problem. So, it depends on the shop. I watch mine while sitting in the staging lanes at the track or if I'm waiting in my car somewhere. It's ridiculous to watch it while driving. My wife will watch a movie if we're going somewhere far enough away. I have pics of it installed at home. If I remember, I'll post some tonight.
  10. like I said i would never watch it while driving. Its just a cool thing to have and your passengers can enjoy the trip.
  11. Mine is from Clarion and I love it