Dyed the G/f's Hair...

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  1. I prefer natural hair personally.
  2. ditto....i see a lotta that here considering its an art school, and it sometimes scares me
  3. I like it but my mom is an art teacher... LOL but i think it came out good better then i was expecting:nice:
  4. redneck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    j/k ahahahhaaha very nice :nice:
  5. I think the most important question is....Does SHE like it???
  6. Good job man. Next time maybe try black top/red bottom, I think it would fit her look better.
  7. i think you just found your new profession.
  8. ive always been good at messing with hair... my dad is gay so i guess its in my blood... :rlaugh:

    [​IMG] the pink and black is easy as hell because it doesnot bleed like it would in to blonde....

    old school pic for you guys lol

    and to go along with that one... lepord...

    now if only i can find a pic of when it was half black half green...
  9. I don't even know where to start.

    She has nice eyes.

  11. good job on her hair man....

    please don't ever put pink in your hair again, even if you tell us it's lazer red....
  12. It looks alittle too blond...like pornstar plat. blond. Not a bad thing just me. Maybe a tan (hard to do in the winter) would help with the overly white look.

    Not trying to be an ass and say she looks like $!HT or you did a bad job, the wife is a dirty blond and if she gets it a step too light in the winter looks like a ghost. She for the most part now gets it alittle darker (roxy red) to help with overall color.
  13. im not going to flame and hijack this thread but this is stangnet right?? we talk about cars, favorite beer, video games....manly things, now we are discussing how great of a job he did coloring his girlfriends hair??? now cheerleaders and girls at the salon can fit right in with garage talk
  14. Never had a problem with cheerleaders in the garage or any other place for that matter :D

    Its life, an any context anything can be a little bit gay...like how we color match our plug wires to the color we painted the brake calipers :rlaugh: .
  15. eazy fix my dad owns a tanning salon....
  16. i didnt say the cheerleaders were a problem, but i see your point....he did a better job than i could have....imagine...oily, dirty cheerleaders changing your oil and doing performance modifications at a discount price...:drool: i think im on to something, anybody have any money to invest and want to start a business? know any cheerleaders with mechanical abilities?....
  17. You know Stangnet is going to s**t when...

    haha jk!