Electrical Dying Starter? Or Something Else?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by AesclepiusCrow, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. The sychronizer is at the top front of the engine, on top of the timing cover. It goes in a hole that would have been used for a distributor in an older design. It sends a timing signal so that the injectors fire at the right time.

    Google "mustang v6 synchronizer". There is a lot of information on them.
  2. After heading to the local O'reillys and nabbing their fuel pressure test kit, it looks like I'm losing pressure after the engine is shut off. Pressure is stock and stable while the engine's running, so essentially the problem is that I'm losing my prime when she sits for any amount of time and the pump isn't building enough pressure with just the single key turn. My local mechanic is recommending a one way check valve to keep the fuel from running back to the tank, but I'll be testing all the hoses for cracks and such too. Sad part is, the Mustang can't even sit for 10-15 now without having issues firing up so whatever it is is just getting worse.
  3. If you cycle the ignition key from off to run mode a few times before cranking the engine, this will "prime" the fuel system as the fuel pump will run for about 3 seconds and then shut off every time you cycle the key from off to the run position. If doing this a few time before cranking the engine results in the car starting on the first crank of the engine, then the fuel pump is getting weak and will eventually need to be replaced. The fuel pump should hold 40 psi of pressure in the fuel rail after shutting the car off. If the pressure bleeds off right after engine shut off, then the fuel pump is going bad.