Dynacorn Or Scott Drake Shock Tower/apron Assembly

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  1. I have to replace both Shock Tower/Apron Assemblies on my 70 Fastback. I am looking for opinions on the fitment and overall quality of both the Dynacorn and Scott Drake products. If you have used either, let me know the pros and cons.

  2. Dynacorn ,thicker metal and fit is better especially front aprons and radiator support.
  3. Scott Drake or Dynacorn don't make the products they probably are from the same offshore manufacturer.
  4. some pieces i would agree, except for front aprons .Dynacorn has a much cleaner and thicker apron . Doors ,i would have to say are the same manufacturer .
  5. horse sence,

    If you have replaced both assemblies at the same time, do you have any tips on alignment. Right now, the plan is to use the measurements from this diagram http://www.boss302.com/frame.jpg. I am also going to mount an export brace to locate the upper portion of the shock towers. For the lower portion, I am going to install the motor mounts and fab a flat piece of metal to imitate the engine block mounting holes. I will also mount the lower crossmember.
  6. perfect but use the original tooling export brace Monte Carlo bar the others are junk :nice: I would do one side at a time so you will have something solid to work from .Use the measurements from the old towers and aprons before you remove them .