Dynamat vs raammat bxt... Installed, pics, comparison

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  1. so i just finished installing raammat bxt in my 03 and am helping a friend install dynamat extreme in his jetta. there is a little bit of difference, the raammat is a little thinner but it also seems to be stickier. let alone i bought enought to cover the entire floor, double in most areas, door panels, trunk doubled up mostly and still have some left over. i 100% think raammat is just as good, even though it's a little thinner the price is so much less it is definately worth it

    the results i have with this raammat is extremely good, i have slp loudmouths and it toned the interior drone a lot, doors close with a solid thud and all the body flex noise i used to hear is gone, mach 460 speakers sound cleaner/clearer, and the entire car feels more solid

    unless money is no object, i don't think you should spend 3 or 4 times as much for a product that is DEFINATELY not 3 or 4 times better. raammat is almost identical, and the results i have from my raammat is what i had hoped for, even my friend putting the dynamat in his car said the raammat works just as well

    just my 2 cents but i am defiantely glad i went with raammat, rick (the owner) is an incredibly nice guy and the shipping is really fast. I have now seen samples of fatmat (smells like tar, i would not put that in my car), dynamat (great product, but not worth the money), and raammat (i would definately use again,)




    sorry the pictures are blurry, i took them with my phone and i guess my hadns are shakey
  2. So where can I get the stuff from? I will want to do my doors soon and have used Dynamat and Cascades VG2 for years but they are really expensive now.
  3. looks very nice...
    heres something i found when i did my truck... Lowes (yes the hardware store) sells this stuff called Peal and Seal. Its a window sealer..
    Tar/adhesive backed, poly double layered center and aluminum outer layer. I too it to two different audio stores ad we compared it to Fatmat and Dynamat.
    The guys at the stores were amazed by the stuff...
    It comes in 12" x 25' rolls for $13 a roll...
    It smells a little like tar at first, but i never smelled it in the truck...

    i was really impressed by the stuff..

    I think im gonna try out the Raamat in the stang
  4. fatmat is the same stuff as the peel and seal, it does work , but raammat is a butyl based material which sticks better and has better noise/vibration absorbtion. but the stuff from lowes will definately help, but i would definately not spend the money for fatmat, although i think they have a new butyl based product now, but they used to say it their main ebay stuff was butyl and then later got called on it and now they just call it some fancy name that means asphalt.
  5. Suddenly very interested in this stuff, Find it near windows or like paint/adhesives/tapes?
  6. I have always thought about doing this to my car. Dynamat is expensive so i haven't yet. I'll have to check this stuff out.