dyno [B]PROOF[/B] on k&n filters....... part 2

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  1. dyno PROOF on k&n filters....... part 2

    well here's the "proof" for you guys that were pitching a fit in my other thread. it's all in black in white, done on the same day, under the same circumstances, so believe it or not, here it is :D & by the way i can post dyno sheets if you like, but i will have to email them to someone else & have them post them :nice:

    btw -- this was done on a mustang dyno, so pay attention to gains & losses & not the actual numbers. mustang dynos read lower than dynojets, so there is nothing wrong with my car.

    please note .......car is in stock form aside from removed silencer :nice:

    here were the weather conditions.......temperature -- 63 F
    barometer -- 30.3 (104)
    humidity -- 48%

    run #1) WITH k&n -- 208.8 hp @ 5250
    244.1 tq @ 4250

    run #2) WITH k&n -- 210.7 hp @ 4750
    244.1 tq @ 4250

    run #3) STOCK -- 215.5 hp @ 4750
    246.9 tq @ 4250

    run #4) STOCK -- 217.6 hp @ 4750
    247.9 tq @ 4250

    Here are the averages...... WITH k&N -- 209.75 hp & 244.1 tq
    W/O k&n -- 216.5 hp & 247.4 tq

    There WAS a LOSS of .......6.6 hp & 3.3 tq

    so with all of that out of the way..... if you don't believe it i could care less, it's there in black & white. don't get all pissed at me cause you possibly wasted 55 - 60 bucks just like me. also the reason i sad "possibly" is i will also do a test between the 2 air filters again next week, after my exhaust is installed, to see if the K&N gains power after my exhaust is much less restricted.
    so if you don't believe this, i doubt i could convince you the sky is blue :rolleyes:

    also....... ALL RUNS WERE DONE AT OPERATING TEMPERATURE, THERE WAS NO WARMING UP, or cooling down during the test, i put that in there because i noticed that the power just kept going up :D

    so there you all go....enjoy :D
  2. hmmm, interesting.

    I might take mine out and see if there is a diff
  3. oh yeah, one more thing..... when we took the k&n out for the last two runs we forgot to plug the mass air back in :nonono: :bang: , so there might have been more in there somwhere :shrug: i know it wouldn't make that much of a difference, since it doesn't do that much under wide open throttle. but every little bit helps. i didn't find out unitl i got off the dyno & "tried" to drive away :rlaugh: :bang:
  4. [email protected] this guy.

    Of course you will have more power without a filter. Now put in the stock filter and see what happens.

  5. it WAS done with a stock filter vs a k&N :rolleyes: sorry i wasn't clear. my bad
  6. :lol: I agree, what do you expect with no filter?
  7. c2see21 - are you saying you had another dyno session???
  8. i went back & edited it just for you guys :rolleyes:
  9. yup, today (my shop owed me a few)
  10. what school did you guys go to? he DID say that he used the stock filter :rolleyes: go reread the post.
  11. Dude - look up and read his other posts - he didn't have that originally. :rolleyes:
  12. even if he didnt have that originally thats what he was saying he was going to do......im sure you read that one so you should have known.
  13. when is the last time you cleaned it?
  14. it's brand new..... i bought it a week & a half ago & i had the original filter on since october when i got the car, so the original was alot more dirty than the k&n
  15. Thanks for taking the time to do some research on this! :nice:

    Will you email me the dyno slips? [email protected]
  16. I didn't read the last half of the other thread. The post-hoes started going crazy and I skipped it, and then it got locked. So I didn't know he was going to dyno again (hence my question above) and his original post made no mention of using the stock filter. Why not call those runs w/stock instead of w/o K&N? It would have been clear that way.

    Anyhow, back on subject - those numbers are shocking if true. Since the power just kept going up, I wonder what two more runs at the end with the K&N back on would have produced?

  17. i'm on my way to work now, so i should be back around 10 p.m. or so & i will try to scan them & send them to you then, if i can't get my scanner to work (been having a little trouble with it) i will try & get boss281mustang to scan them for me :nice: see you all in a little while
  18. try cleaning it and re-appling the K&N juice.
  19. Please edit your original post to make 100% clear that you tested the K&N vs. the stock paper filter. I thought you may have run with no filter also.

    Now this is getting very interesting.....
  20. Good stuff thanks!