dyno [B]PROOF[/B] on k&n filters....... part 2

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stangman, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. WTF, I can't believe that the stock paper filter can flow more air than the K&N, that doesn't make sense :scratch:
  2. I am convinced that if he would have run an additional 2 runs at the end with the K&N the numbers would tell a different story. This is a proven mod for every other car on the planet. Maybe the computer had not learned it yet. Maybe the sun and moon were in the wrong alignment...maybe my grandmother wasn't praying...

    ...I can't believe this...

  3. That had the potential to be bad..........
  4. was this with just the drop in replacement or a cone type K&N filter? usually the cone flows better then just the drop in from what ive seen. Maybe you should switch to one of those and try it if your not already. Ive also never seen a single dyno that hasnt shown increased hp after the install. Hell my buddy just installed a cone K&N filter in his POS focus and picked up an average of 3-4hp every run.
  5. Does it really matter? If a race comes down to 6HP then you shouldn't be racing...
  6. Those are the best races merc. Plus, the K&N is a foundation mod; the increased airflow will make future mods perform their best.

  7. Ive heard of the silencer taking away horsepower...but the K&N? Man, if this is true then Im pissed. I needed a new filter anyway but man, I coulda bought a 5 dollar one instead. Maybe its just a freak?
  8. this isnt about a race coming down to 6hp. This is simply about a mod that has been known to work and now might be proved wrong? This is more about trying to get the most hp out of our engines, so if you dont have anything intelligent to say then dont post. Besides, like someone else said. The best races are those that you are neck and neck with the other guy so that 6hp just might matter in the end. Racing is fun no matter how much you win or lose by. end of story.
  9. Just talked with a friend of mine who put a drop in K&N in his 2003 Cobra. Dyno run saw a 6 rwhp drop after installation. Then the shop re-programmed the chip for the new filter. Result, 11 rwhp increase over the stock filter. You must re-program for any induction change (his words, not mine).
  10. Charley, this seems like a valid argument. How long did you have the filter in the car before the dyno run? As with any mod, the computer needs a little time to re-learn. I expect that the K&N would make more of a difference with more mods (e.g., exhaust).
  11. The k&n has definitly been proved to flow better then our stock filters. So Im going to have to go with waterskier and say the chip hasn't learned the mod yet. Wouldn't that be the reason his car is running real rich with the k&n?
  12. i doubt 1 test will throw out many many years of proven results, but c2see21 isn't saying that, he's just posting what results he got. i think he should have done 2 more with the K & N in, and then perhaps with a cone type filter. oh well, still an interesting debate :)
  13. are you not suppose to disconnect the battery for each mod? That way the computer learns the new mod quickly?
  14. i thought it takes like a week of driving for the ECU to relearn though? :shrug:
  15. i was under the impression that you just had to disconnect the computer and get all the electricity out of the computer by tapping the brakes a few times, and then it would re-set the system and once you reconnected the batter and started it up, it would make the adjustments based on the new data it would be receiving. :shrug:
  16. I still don't think you can accurately prove that it improves HP because you have to drive the car a few days for the computer to relearn which would mean conditions weren't the same and the dyno numbers wouldn't be perfectly scienctific and accurate and this is a really long run on sentence if I've ever seen or heard of one in this current lifetime.
  17. Gotta love this thread.

    You have one guy coming on here saying you need to reprogram your computer or chip for this mod. I say to you . . BUNK

    You have another guy saying you should clean it and re-appling the K&N juice. It is a brand new filter, right out of a brand new box, right off the shelf, why should it need to be cleaned and oiled to perform as advertised

    I particularly like the one from the person who says if you are worried about 6 rwhp, you shouldn't be racing. No offense, but that is one ignorant statement. Do you want to tell the to a true racer and not a bench racer? Every bit of HP matters!!!!

    Look, we have all bought into the hype of the K & N, probably because it is a cheap mod that everyone recommends, but maybe nobody ever wanted to spend the money to test such a lowly item as this gentleman has.

    All these poepl who say it is a proven mod, how do we know it is proven, by word of mouth? Well I see another conspiracy theory beginning with this thread.
  18. i always told people to get the K & N because i wanted them to waste their money.
  19. Since installing a K & N filter on my '99 GT I have noticed that it does not run as smooth as it once used to. I talked to Ford and they suggested a computer re-flash. To the guy that started this, I beleive you did this in good faith, given the way my car was running when I put her away I think somethin is up with the K &n since this is the only mod I've done to my car...It was much harder to start and took longer to warm-up. When the snow melts here, I am going to take it in and get the re-flash. Has anyone else had the same problem with a relatively stock car if, so how did you fix it?