dyno [B]PROOF[/B] on k&n filters....... part 2

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  1. I got mine so I could put the stickers on my car.
  2. the stickers add more hp/tq than the actual filter.
  3. ok ready....maybe you have some freak car that doesnt respond to a dyno. If what you are saying is true then the people at k&n, pro 5.0 mag, muscle mustangs and every other person who has done research on the gains were wrong. It must have been some godly given hp after the switch happened and they dynoed it. These new cars have computers. They need to adjust to some things and changing your air filter requires the computer to adjust because you are sending more air in. When you did your dyno's did you think about check if your car was running um lets say lean or rich or anything? It probely didnt adjust to the filter and then you took it out after a short while and put the stock in which it was used to so the numbers look better
  4. well i have so many things to respond to i don't know where to start :D

    shane (stangit#1) & the other guys that are trying to say that the computer needed to relearn the mod. i had the k&n in there for about 2 weeks & i'm sure that the computer has learned it. also, the first two runs were made with the k&n in, so i would think that the car would not put out as good of numbers with the stock paper filter. correct me if i'm wrong here, but that is what makes sense to me.

    also, don't forget guys....i'm going to do the same test on monday or wednesday, when i get my longtubes & prochamber installed. the k&n might make a difference with a more free flowing exhaust side :shrug: we'll see then. so i'm not saying that everyone should start writing letters or rip theirs out.....yet :p , i'm just trying to be as exact in this as possible & account for every little thing & provide completely accurate results for you guys to decifer & pass your own judgement on :nice: but i'll tell you all right now, if it gives me the same result next week k&n is prolly getting a letter or email with dyno results in it
  5. anyone else see that the story keeps on changing?

  6. ok..... well..... lets look at what you just said. if the computer can't learn the mod (at least somewhat) whenever i do it on the dyno. then, by what you just said, there would never be any "accurate" dyno's done EVER. because you would have to dyno the car, let the car learn the mod, then re-dyno it, which would prolly call for the re-dyno to be on a different day. so then you could make the arguement about the weather conditions not being the same. so just take this little test for what it's worth.
  7. ok....please enlighten me on how it keeps on changing :rolleyes: the numbers are there in back & white, you can believe it or not. it makes no difference to me. so just go back & bury your head in the ground & not listen to anything & believe the earth is flat :spot:

    i'm not saying this is a complete exhaustive test, cause there is always going to be something i could miss. but a 6.6 rwhp difference is hard to miss regardless
  8. Well, if you are going to dyno again, how about starting with stock filter and then switching to K&N?
  9. done :D that's actually what i planned on doing. i didn't bother to re-install the k&n since it lost hp, pretty handily. so i will do it in that order next week :nice:
  10. I have seen a care make no changes and make three pulls that were + and -5 hp of the baseline pull. Same day , same car , no changes, all within 45 minutes. Why did this happen???
    K&N filters ahve proven to flow better than stock and that is good enough for me. Are you saying easier flow will cut HP? maybe I should stick a sock in the TB to give me more tq and HP. :nice:
  11. just make sure to give us some dyno results from it :rolleyes: :jester:
  12. i want to be able to make lots of dyno pulls :(
  13. FU**-IT,
    I'm putting a tornado on mine.
  14. Man, it's no secret that there are power losses on a stock length intake. Just removing the silencer, or even removing the whole filter cover will result in a loss. You have to add length to the intake. That means you have to buy an intake and put your filter in the fenderwell. Go buy an intake and do the same tests, and those results will be different.

  15. o...k.... :scratch: but if you put the filter in the fenderwell with a intake & a 90 degree bend like most, then it makes you run on the rich side. not that this has anything to do with what we are talking about, or am i missing something :shrug:
  16. Well there's a lot of urban legend out there, does it help? maybe. Look at the dyno on my Mach it's got the snorkel removed and it was a couple HP less with it in. An opinion or a dyno you make the choice............... A lot depends on your A/F.
  17. where did u hear this
  18. Does it really matter anyway? I was under the impression that the computer does not run off of sensor input during WOT anyway. I was just throwing that statment out there as a joke.

  19. I'm telling ya...TAKE THE PLASTIC WRAPPER OFF the new filter before you install it!:p

  20. I said that just to try and see what happens you freaking cry baby.