dyno [B]PROOF[/B] on k&n filters....... part 2

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stangman, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Sweet. Should be interesting.

    :offtopic: I bet you're excited to get the LTs on!
  2. Mogs....chill. I thought the same thing. The K&N brand new is supposed to have the correct amount of oil on it. The test really wouldn't be valid if the guy oiled it himself. He could have put too much or too little.

  3. very much so :banana: i had the same setup on my last gt & have been missing that sound since i got rid of it :(

    when i traded it a tech pulled it in the garage, with the service manager & me standing there, to switch the rims. he said "man, i certainly wouldn't trade that car, just cause the sound". at this point i wanted to run back in the finance office & rip up the paperwork :( it's all good now though :D

    one more thing....... do you all think i should do the stock filter first & then go to the k&n, like i was planning. or, do it the exact way i did it in the first test, but re-install the k&n after the stock filter has been ran :shrug: i just want everything to be as close to the same as possible & i'm not sure which way would be best :shrug:
  4. Im chilled no reason to get upset. All I was saying was to try it, Nothing else.
  6. I don't really want to bring this thread back but I just got the graphs from 2see21 last nite for anyone who cares. :shrug:
  7. thanks man, if ya don't mind i might ask you to post these with the new ones on wednesday or friday, after the exhaust :nice:
  8. email them when u have them :)
  9. you said you forgot to plug the MAF back in after the filter swap and you doubt it made much of a difference. when your car goes WOT, fuel delivery is based almost completely on the MAF reading. I'm sure it made more power because more air was entering the motor and the PCM based fuel delivery solely on preset values.
  10. C2See21, I am assuming that you used Carl's Dyno. I go there alot. I swing between there and a Dynojet down in S.C. I live in Milton. Nice to see a local on these boards. My last run on Carl's dyno gave me 255hp and 257tq. I just wish it was cheeper to run over there.

  11. hey jeff..... you know who i am if ya think about it ;) i used to have the green 98gt & just traded for this new red one, you saw it at the last free dyno day, it was parked two down from yours & beside your father-in-laws car. you've seen both cars dyno, if ya remember. oh, & if that didn't help you i'm the guy that works at the jewelery store at the mall :p btw-love the intake :nice:
  12. why are there free dyno days? :(

  13. about twice a year, carl, the owner of the shop puts on a big show. when everyone is there they usually start lining up the cars & as long as you register by a certain time, you can get a free pull :banana:

    or.... you get a couple of free pulls with every $500 you spend there :nice:
  14. :banana:

  15. i'll let ya know when the next one is, if ya feel like making the drive :D

    it's actually pretty funny to see the bench racers get ****ed when their 300+ hp combo puts out 200, cause a mustang dyno is definately not good for the ole ego :(
  16. The first time I ever ran there I put down 243hp, and I was very upset. I didn't know, at the time, that Mustang dyno's regestered less due to the drive resistance. since then I have become very educated on dyno's. I wish we had a Dynojet closer though. there is one in columbus and one in Lexington, and one in Charlotte. All of them 3-4 hours away. But at least WV has one now.
  17. :nice:

  18. I thought so. I couldn't remember your name though. I just E-mailed Steve (Nut-shop) to ask if he new your name. But I figured it was you, but there are alot of mustangs around. How's it going? My brother Just picked up a 94 Lightning and went to Carl's today and ordered about $750 worth of goodies. I finally got him into the SVT family. He still has his Tacoma, but hey it's WV and 4wd is a good thing to have.