Dyno Comprison LS1 vrs 5.0 Combos

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  1. Grady, first off this thread has turned out great:hail2: Who would have thought that 4 pages later, there is not any bickering:eek: Especially a thread that I am in...:) Let's keep it going, we can all learn here.

    I do see somethings that would give John the advantage of course. He has a full aftermarket exhaust, and "ported" Performers, and a custom camshaft that is going to be far more aggressive than a stock ls1 camshaft. I am not sure if he is running all accessories either:shrug:

    A stock ls1 MAF is 75mm if I recall as well. The same for the throttle body, and I see them putting some big numbers out with no gain to a bigger throttle body. I am talking over 400rwhp. They typically just port them, instead of replace them. But that is a whole 'nother topic;)

    I do not know how much his performer's are ported either, but I doubt they are too "hogged out."

    By the way, to eliminate any confusion, the ls1 exhaust port has 70cc on the exhaust side, not 170cc. I believe onlyme just made a typo though:nice:

    I do want to make clear that it appears I am very bias towards the ls1, and that is not the entire message I am trying to convey. I just kept noticing so many more powerful ls1's with few mods, so I thought I would look into it. So I did, and found out some things, I believe gives it a little clearer advantage. I still love the 302 strokers though:flag:

    Carry on guys...
  2. Well David

    I guess you saw where I had to go back and re-read some of the things you said earlier.

    No ... I don't see it as you being biased toward the LS1

    I do see you have spent more time than me taking a close look at them and you
    are saying you have been quite impressed.

    I must say ... I've been exposed to things here that have impressed me about
    them as well :eek:

    Now ... I'm not trying to draw this thread to an end here
    I did at least set one thing straight in my mind ;)

    The LS1 in stock form is not as untouchable as some make them out to be

    They can be dealt with just fine with a h/c/i smaller 5.0 motor

    For years now, I've been hearing all the crying from the various Stang sites
    and I can only suspect those who have made the most noise have been trying
    to compete with minor mods like flows, roller rockers, ... you know ... minor bolt
    on stuff that makes very little power.

    Now lets move away from a 5.0 and stock LS1
    Still stay within the limits of a NA Street Combo

    I admit it ... I have been under the impression 50 more cubes with a 347 or 351
    could match them. In some cases we can match and exceed them with the
    additional cubes.


    The things I've seen in this thread tells me they just have an advantage with
    the newer technology. It seems to become all too clear when we update the
    LS1's parts that are the most restrictive and see how they obtain big gains.

    Thanks for helping me to see the difference is much more than just matching
    their cubes.

    I do bleed Ford blue when cut so no matter what they got I don't wanna
    drive a Chevy.

    Then again ... I don't direct ALL my dislike at just Chevy

    Ford left me with no choice of a motor in a NEW Stang that will put out enough
    torque to pull your hat off your head in NA form :bang:

    You should not have to rev to the moon to build some torque :Word:

    I know that don't bother some of you :shrug:
    It just makes my blood boil every time I think about it :mad:

    So ... that leaves me with only a pushrod motor .....
    That starts off with 302 or 351 cubic inches .....
    Was built so long ago ... Its a Dinosaur when compared to the LS1

    Hey ... I can live with that :nice:
    Knowing that won't cause me any loss of sleep at night :nono:

    There Now ... I got that off my chest :rlaugh:

    I'm done for now and goin to bed :D