Dyno disappointment!!

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  1. Also if the base tune sucks then it will run ****ty cold. But once it gets into closed loop(adaptive control) that can pick up the slack in the ****ty tune and allow it to run better.
  2. No kidding. Don "mail ordered" me a chip and was closer than these guys and he's never seen my car! The chip is in open loop too. (until we get the final chip)
  3. another update

    that's right....my car is still not done. It's a month in a half in the shop.

    If you've been following, the cold start problem is fixed so it's running well @ all temps...but now supposedly it has a "miss" below 2k RPM and runs "fairly well" above that. Any ideas?

    -disappointed customer
  4. very interesting story.... sorry to hear however
    u said u researched them well???
    hope i dont run into the same thing when i get mine tuned

    although i know my **** was put together right
  5. I've been wondering about the outcome :shrug:

    You said it was running perfectly when you gave it to them.
    They should make it right cause they did the work.

    Six weeks to do h/c/i and burn a chip is just way too long.

    Time to holler at em
    Have your lawyer write them a wake up to reality and get busy letter

    I just hate to see this kind of thing happen

    Good Luck with it :)

  6. have them check for a vacuum leak
    have them do a compression check, and a balance test (to see which cylinder is missing), then check ignition, perhaps they fouled a plug when it was running bad.
  7. Id really be pissed by now if this happened to me. H/C/I can be done in a garage with basic tools on a weekend (taking your time) and a chip burn should take no more then a few hrs to work any bugs out. The fact that its taken them this long and still dont have the car running right is just not acceptable. It has to be something that was over looked or not hooked up right. It makes no sense that you bring the car in and it runs fine and they throw on H/C/I and a tune and now it runs like dog crap.
  8. Yeah I'd pi$$ed off too! I'd definatly have a huge fit if they kept my car for a month and a half and not fixed anything. although I'm still having issues with my top end swap but at least my car is driveable right now. :D

  9. that gets A LOT of places up and running and then all of a sudden u have your car back and all is well. Like everyone is saying, there's no excuse. There is only so many things it can be so if they have had it this long, obviously their only workin on it like 2 minutes a day:nono:

    If i can do a h/c/i upgrade in a couple days as a complete ROOKIE to 5.0's or engines in general, then an experienced shop with mechanics should be a one to two day ordeal. Especially with all the tools right in front of u.
  10. So maybe they have your money or are just setting it aside to work on it a little while each day to make money on other cars getting them in and out?..
  11. This is just nuts. Its such a basic swap. I did mine in a weekend. And it still ran pretty solid on the stock comp for a few months until i got my tweecer.
  12. did you ever think that the maf may be too big.... 95mm seems HUGE for an NA car.
  13. the latter is correct, they have none of my $$$ yet.
  14. to my understanding it shouldn't create any issues. Pro M told me it's essentially the same piece as the old 80mm...I really don't know though
  15. Its not at all "too big".
  16. Update on HCI nightmare

    Ok, I was just told the car was done (for the second time)

    The mechanic tore it down and did it over again. He said the misfire below 2k he said was due to the valves hanging open in the #1 and #4 cylinders creating compression loss...150 psi, where all the others were 180 psi. He adjusted the rockers and said that issue is gone but the rr's are still a little noisy, I think that's normal though??

    Either way I don't trust it until I get there tomorrow!!!

    He also dyno'd it again on a hot day and it put down 289 rwhp/318 rwtq, which leads me to believe it's better but maybe not all the way fixed or optimally tuned. That was with 12:1 AF and 13* initial timing. He also pulled it to 6k this time...

    thanks for the support all
  17. Lean it out to 12.8-13.0 and add another 4-5* of timing.
  18. WOW what a nightmare! I hope they got it all fixed correctly this time. I agree with grn92lx about the A/F! It's hard to say on the timing without seeing what the tuner is commanding in the timing tables.
  19. I figured it should be 13:1 or so but he said he was worried about detonation @ higher temps with it that lean....and I dunno squat about timimg but 13-14* seemed to be what I remembered people running.

    I may just get the car the hell outta there and go get someone else to Dyno it to where I want it to be :notnice: