Dyno disappointment!!

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  1. Good to see you are making progress :nice:

    I'm with Mike ... 12.00 to 1.00 is too fat for your combo :D

    13 initial timing ... what kinda chit is that :crazy:
    Dizzy twisting :notnice:
    Give me a break :rlaugh:

    Is he ... or Is he not ... doing a Custom Tune :scratch:
    He should be working with the spark tables ;)

    You wanna ask him about .........
    1) How much total amount of spark advance
    2) At what rpm he has got it all in at

    The answer to 1&2 will tell you what he did in the Spark Tables

    I mean ... Really ... Its just friggin unbelievable :eek:

    I don't buy that deal about having to tear it down
    that is if
    The ONLY problem was the valves hanging open

    I suspect ... The valves were adjusted too tight ;)

    Cranking values of 180 sound about right for that combo :)

    As long as it is running right ........
    I'd not worry about anything else :nono:
    Use all of those 289 rwhp to get away from there as fast as you can :Word:

  2. Well said, I'm gonna demand he throws it on the Dyno once more and tweaks the AF and timing to squeeze a little more...then I'm gonna see how fast it'll get me far away from that shop!! :nonono:
  3. While you are demanding :D

    Demand he give you not only the typical chart results
    He also gives you the results in numerical form

    You see this in the mag articles all the time when you see the
    hp values in one column and tq values in another

    I'll be happy to load them up and compare your combo to other
    AFR FTI combos if you wish :)

    289 is right in there in the ball park IMHO :nice:
    Even all the more so if you're really as fat as 12 to 1 :crazy:

  4. :doh: I forgot something important :doh:

    If he will do another pull or two

    1) Tell him you wanna shoot for an af ratio of 12.75 to 1.00
    2) Total advanced spark value of 36 degrees and all be in by 2500

    Now ... #2 is pretty aggressive so you gotta use 93 grade gas

    If you wanna be a bit more conservative ............

    Go back about 4 degrees and don't have it all in so quick
    That is gonna produce more of a plain jane, milk toast response :(

    Good Luck and keep up posted :nice:


  5. If I'm remembering correctly, he said it had a total advanced spark value of 32* or 33*, and I'd like to continue using 91 octane so I'm guessing thats right?!

    But I dont see him telling me no to a couple more pulls after all of this crap, I definately want it leaned down a bit. I'll tell him 12.75...
  6. I know what kind of crap is that. Some "custom tune" twisting the dizzy. What lame shop. They should do all the timing through the chip! That dizzy should be at 10 degrees.
  7. I would like to say this about that :eek:

    Hmmm ... Did not someone famous used to say that :scratch:

    It might should be said ......

    From the dyno tech's perspective

    I'd be willing to bet most of their customers can't relate to spark/fuel
    tables so he has to talk about spark in a way they they can relate
    to and that would be with dizzy settings :D

    I do wanna keep an open mind here and now that I think about it
    I probably was being a bit too critical

    but still

    It always amazes me how many peeps go to the dyno
    and pay for a service
    the tech offers no or very little explanation of what all was done

    If I was tuning for pay ...
    I'd provide a hard copy summary of
    1) baseline results
    2) adjustments made
    3 ) brief explanation on why they were made

    To my way of thinking ... that would look very Professional ;)

    anyway ......

    Yes if you wanna go more conservative that would be about right
    The difference is gonna be felt in your old back side
    It is gonna produce slightly lower dyno values IMHO

    Just wondering ... do you have an afpr and if so .......
    What did they do with it :shrug:

  8. I went 15* on my car. So you COULD get more out of it..probably another 5-10rwhp but yes you would be on 93 octane.
  9. I was wondering about the initial timing myself. I think that it really doesnt matter all that much but I would want the tune with the initial timing set at 10 degrees that way you alway set the timing back to what the factory set it if you ever have to do any motor work. Instead of going what did that dyno guy say he set the timing at again? In the end you get the same results though as long as he did tweak the timing values in the computer. I believe you'll be very close to 300 with that A/F ratio a little more aggresive.
  10. The dizzy setting could make a H U G E difference :D

    Here is where it could really hose up things in a big way ;)

    There are two concerns here .......
    1) WOT Power
    2) Low & Mid Level Load driving conditions

    Say you got your dizzy jacked up to 15

    You would have to add 5 to E V E R Y value in the spark table :Word:

    He tunes the highest spark table load row for best WOT Power :nice:

    You then could have #2 too high and take a quick trip to ping city
    later on if some of the following occurs :notnice:

    Ambient temps rise
    You get a bad tank of gas
    You try and run a lesser grade of gas
    etc ... etc ... etc

    I would want my dizzy at 10 ;)
    I was gonna get a Pro Tune

    Of course ... he could always confirm the dizzy setting and adjust
    the entire table accordingly :)

  11. Sorry all I left for MA for the weekend BUT

    I got to the shop last Thursday and he had not had a chance to put it on the Dyno again....I took it for a ride and it was running perfect in my opinion so I decided to leave well enough alone @ this point!! Great news :nice:

    They knocked the bill down $600 for my inconvenience so my patience seemed to pay off. I've been driving it and it's great, the somewhat noisy rocker arms when it's warmed up would be all I have to say in the negative department...but it's not really that bad.

    I'll post the graph tonight but the 289/318 was run @ 3:30 in the afternoon while it was 94* outside with 25% humidity or so. He was mistaken and had only pushed it to 5500 RPM (again) and the A/F is still 12:1.....SO I'm hoping sometime soon to get to another dyno session and see what I can get out of it after leaning it out and adding more timing perhaps (and DEFINATELY with cooler temps!!) It may be later in the year before that happens...it's fun to drive right now :)

    Grady, no I didn't bother with an AFPR as I was hoping that I never needed to worry about it!!
  12. It's good o hear that the car is running good now! There is deffinatly some power left on the table with the rich A/F ratio but I don't think that will cause you any problems and will help keep you from having problems with detonation. Just enjoy the car for now as it's been a long time coming. The shop done you right in my book by knocking 600 dollars off the price. I know it was frustrating but atleast he did get it fixed and get the tune close to right.
  13. Yeah! I thought you were going to get hosed. Good to have the car back? :D
  14. Yes ... It seems like they made an effort to make things right for you
    so that is just great. As said above ... glad they did not treat you bad.

    Again ... those values with 12 to 1 is really not that bad at all :Word:

    Your noisy lifters may not be a prob at all. Most roller rockers make
    more noise than the oem steel stamped rockers.

    Have some fun with the Stang for now :nice:

    You can always find those last few ponies later if you wish ;)

    Look forward to seeing the data on the pull :banana:

  15. Hi Grady,

    Ahhhhhh, after months and months of the car running just ok (and that aweful shop going out of business!) I'm finally got my valve covers off a couple weeks back and adjusted the lifters & rockers so all should be good there.

    I'm going to the MUSTANG Dyno this week to get it retuned and lean it out a bit...I know the numbers will be lower than my previous Dynojet #'s (if anyone knows HOW much lower with mods in my sig). I heard from the tuner and search here that the Mustang Dyno will tune the best as they can tune at all speeds ect. I'm not really worried about the bragging rather a good tune from a good shop, which I found.

    I will post the results this time if all goes to plan, promise! I was just too pissed to post my last graph after the nightmare that was last spring/summer.

    Ryon & Naomi
  16. I've been working long hours :(

    I recently upgraded my pc :nice:
    Didn't have the time :bang:
    to import over all the old email stuff :crazy:

    I've just found the time to create my bogus email account I use for these Stang boards :shrug:

    I saw your notify email come through so I wanted to jump on here to see
    how things have been going for you :D

    Best of luck and the Mustang Dyno might ... IIRC :shrug: ... show anywhere
    from 5 to 15% lower than a Dynojet using an SAE Calibration.

    Again ... hope it all goes well for the both of you nice folks :)

    You are due some good luck ... as I see it :rlaugh:

  17. True that :rolleyes:
  18. FWIW I would take all internet advise with a grain of salt. Not all tuners tune the same way.

    My car made 296/315 on a Mustang dyno, I have no doubt I'd be close to the 340rwtq on a Dynojet.

    My timing is at 10 degrees initial. Some like to put the timing back in through the computer. I run an SCT 4 bank chip; car was tuned at Powerhouse Automotive LLC.
  19. What are your mods?

    **edit, sorry, checked your garage***
  20. I've seen a comparison of dyno runs done on the same vehicle with the same engine and mods on both the Dynojet and the Mustang dyno. The weather corrected HP/TQ numbers were 6-7% lower on the Mustang dyno across the whole rpm range so that gives you an idea of the difference between them.