Dyno GT500

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Chung Oh, May 22, 2007.

  1. Just finished a GT500 with

    1.. Axle back
    2. Pred programmer
    3. K&N FIPK

    504 SAE net rear whl HP.
    What is everyone else hitting out of curiousity?
  2. Thats right inline with the mods . Most guys are at 505-520 rwhp with Maf and tune. With a 2.6 upper pulley 540-560 seems to be avg.

    My mods
    JLT intake
    Sct tuner
    2.6 metco

    550 rwhp 521 rwtq
  3. I saw one a month or so ago at JBARACING in San Diego. It had a Whipple blower and put 650+ to the wheels with just the new blower and a 3" JBA exhaust similar to the one on my Cobra.

    3" Exhaust

    650+ rwhp

    I need to save some $$ and get a GT-500 for sure.
  4. 513 RWHP with JBA longtubes, X-pipe, exhaust, tune...custom CAI in the works. will re-tune after that...should be in the realm of 530-540...will keep ya posted
  5. custom re-tune after CAI install...563 RWHP...JBA built car
  6. nice bump with a custom tune. :D
  7. check out dynospeedracing.com and scroll down on the home page, they got 704rwhp out of a GT500 with Kenne Belle and custom tune, NO other modifications...I have seen the car in person:hail2:
  8. Wow it's amazing the numbers you guys are hitting with simple mods, this car is truly a beast.