Dyno in Austin, Tx

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by icemanp7, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know of a dyno in the Austin, Tx area..... I want to see if i'm getin the full 125 shot out of my NOS. ANy help appreciated , thanks.
  2. Maxwell Dodge on 620 just passed 183 across from the Walmart.You get to also look at all the [email protected]@SS Vipers they have in the shop and floor room :nice:
    Plus it is very close to my house so I now go there.

    They built this DYNO shop for the Vipers, but it is always nice to show those boys what a little 281 can do :D :D

    Let me know when you can go or want to go, because I also want to dyno now that I got my fuel system problem fixed, but 1st I will need to get the A/F checked on the wide band before I go.

    Another option is Colvin's Automotive around MO PAC and 45th.

  3. Colvin's would be your best bet. They are on Hancock Dr. It is usually something like 50 for first run/setup and like 15 for additional runs without air fuel.

  4. why not drive to (northside) Houston and hang out with some other Cobra owners :D
    Dyno Day