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  1. By popular request, I have created a Dyno Numbers thread. :nice:

    Please PM me, or email me copies of your dyno sheets to be posted in this thread. If you need hosting, I would recommend creating a Photobucket account, or I also have a Photobucket and FTP site which I could use to host your sheets, as well.

    Submissions will be displayed in the following format:

    your SN user name
    ### rwhp / ### rwtq

    mod list goes here


    Time to show us what your hard earned dollars paid for! :nice:
  2. HGFireHazard
    313.6 RWHP / 374.2 RWTQ

    Vortech S-Trim V1 Supercharger
    Walbro 255 HP in-tank fuel pump
    T-rex in line 255 fuel pump
    FRPP 42# injectors
    MSD (Vortech) BTM
    AFM Power Pipe
    PMAS 80mm MAF calibrated for 42# injectors
    MAC 1 5/8" Ceramic Coated Long Tube Headers
    Custom H pipe
    Flowmaster 40s
    2 1/2" Stainless tips


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  3. Wi Stang
    511 RWHP / 479.5 RWTQ

    Bone Stock shortblock
    Vortech V-2 S Trim (10 PSI)
    Twisted Wedge Heads
    TF Street Heat Intake
    TF Stage 1 Cam
    Snow Performance Methanol Injection
    AFM Power Pipe
    70MM Edelbrock Throttle Body
    255 lph Walbro Fuel Pump
    42 lb FRPP injectors
    Meziere Electric Water Pump
    Romac Balancer
    BBK EL Shorty Headers
    BBK Off Road H-Pipe
    Dumped Flowmaster Mufflers
    T-56 (Viper Spec)
    Zoom Clutch
    DynoTech Alum Driveshaft


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  4. kck6894
    421.1 RWHP / 391.2 RWTQ

    347ci - 11:1
    TFS heads-custom porting
    Victor 5.0L Intake-custom porting
    90mm Throttle body
    80mm Shorty Air Flow Meter
    AFM Power pipe
    AFM N-111 cam
    42lb injectors
    Kooks 1 3/4 long tubes
    Kooks 3" x-pipe
    Tremec TKO
    Spec Stage 3+


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  5. ProKiller
    390.2 RWHP / 361.0 RWTQ

    Stock 302 bottom end
    Edelbrock Performer 1.90 valve heads
    Edelbrock Performer RPM intake
    FRPP F-303 cam w/ 1.7 cobra roller rockers
    FRPP 24# injectors
    C&L 76mm MAF
    Edelbrock 70mm throttle body
    Vortech V2-SQ (~10lbs.)
    255LPH intank pump w/ T-Rex inline
    Vortech FMU
    MAC shorty headers, O/R H-Pipe, MAC mufflers
    MSD coil and 6A
    Autologic chip burnt for safe tune
    T-3550 w/ Alum. Driveshaft
    Fluidyne Alum. Radiator 180* T-stat

  6. ProKiller
    450 RWHP / 450 RWTQ

    DSS 331 stroker short block
    AFM Power Pipe
    AFM B-21 Cam
    Pro-M 80MM mass air w/ attached filter
    42lb FRPP Injectors
    MSD Pro-Billet Distributor
    AFM PMS w/ boost controller
    Billet Smog Pump Delete
    EGR Deleted
    Mcleod clutch
    Fidanza steel flywheel

  7. zenboy99
    330.1 RWHP / No torque rating on dyno pull

    Holley systemax intake
    Twisted Wedge heads (untouched)
    Stock 190k shortblock
    FTI cam (ground for daily driver use)
    BBK long tube headers, x-pipe, magnaflow catback
    Pro-M 80mm MAF Accufab throttle body
    Smog pump and EGR removed,
    Running power steering and AC

  8. MattZ281LE
    306.5 RWHP / 329.4 RWTQ

    AFR 165cc cylinder heads
    Tmoss Ported GT40 intake
    Crower 15511 cam
    Pro M 77mm MAF
    24lb. Injectors
    FRPP 65mm TB
    Ford Shorty headers
    MAC catback
    Stock tune

  9. MattZ281LE
    660.59 RWHP / 570.02 RWTQ

    331 stroker
    Edelbrock Victor Jr. cylinder heads
    Tmoss ported GT40 lower intake
    Downs upper intake
    Comp cams XE282HR cam
    Vortech T-Trim supercharger
    60lb injectors
    75mm TB
    80mm MAF
    Full fuel system
    Mac 1 3/4 ceramic coated longtube headers
    Mac Prochamber and 2.5 catback
    MSD Distributor, ignition box, and coil

  10. SVTtripleblack
    265.8 RWHP / 306.1 RWTQ

    Crane 2031 cam
    BBK short tube headers
    BBK off road H-pipe
    Flowmaster catback
    Mac U/D pullies
    FRPP 65mm TB
    PMAS 75mm MAF
    Diablosport chip tuned

  11. GTA_V6_Mustang
    224.45 RWHP / 298.33 RWTQ

    Blue Oval Industries Aluminum Underdrive pulleys
    Pypes Catted X-Pipe
    Stock H/C/I


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  12. 1994Vib.RedGT
    268.4 RWHP / 303.6 RWTQ

    Pro-m 75mm MAF
    BBK 70mm Throttle Body
    Cobra intake
    Self-ported E7 heads with Crane springs
    Steeda #19 cam
    Kirban AFPR
    24 lb. injectors
    BBK underdrive pulleys
    Mac ceramic coated shorty headers
    Bassani off road X-pipe
    Flowmaster 40 series cat back
    3.55 gears
    MSD distributor

  13. Dizzy_ax
    418.77 RWHP / 394.16 RWTQ

    Stock shortblock
    Vortech V1 S-trim supercharger (8-10PSI)
    AFR 165cc Pedestal Mount Heads
    Steeda #19 cam
    Flow matched 42 lb. fuel injectors
    C&L MAF
    BBK Shorty headers
    High flow cats
    Side exhaust
    Flowmasters Delta 40 series cat back
    Dual 255 lph fuel pumps
    Canton high flow fuel filter
    Crane Ignition box/coil
    Snow Meth/water injection
    3.73 gears

  14. revhead347
    489.78 RWHP / 635.31 RWTQ

    347 Stroker
    Canfield 192cc heads
    Trick Flow stage 3 cam
    Holley Systemax 2 intake
    NOS dry nitrous system
    Tremec 3550 transmission

  15. D-Phresh
    386.43 RWHP / 460.74 RWTQ

    Stock shortblock
    Single turbo @ 8 PSI
    3.55 gears

  16. Venom351R
    338.15 RWHP / 342.85 RWTQ

    AFR 185 Heads
    Trick Flow R intake
    FTI Camshaft (custom grind)
    Trick Flow 1.7 RR
    Edelbrock 75mm Throttle Body
    Roush Shorty Headers
    Bassani catted X pipe
    Magnapack Mufflers
    PMAS 95MM Velocity Meter
    36 lb Injectors

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