Dyno numbers TW heads, FTI cam

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by zenboy99, May 7, 2004.

  1. Finally got my car to the dyno last night. I'm trying to resize the graphs so I can post it on here. These numbers are SAE.

    304.6 rwhp @5350
    338.2 rwtq @4300

    I made a heck of alot more torque then I thought I would. The A/F ratio was a flat 13.3-13.1 across the whole rpm range, thats with the JMS mail order custom chip! I thought for sure I'd have to send that chip back in a few times, but everything looks good. I'll try to get the dyno graphs on this afternoon. They also printed out a graph comparing this run to my last dyno run with stock heads and cam.
  2. Nice numbers.....
  3. Congrats on the nice combo # are nice as well.
  4. Deffenetly nice numbers... It nice to see SAE corrected 300+ hp NA 94-95 mustang. You are now part of an elite group. :nice:

    Now comes the next step.. Getting into the 12's...
  5. Thanks alot moneypit, its been 2 years in the making! stangnet guys definitely helped me out alot.

    Just need to find a track without a head wind. A group of us, Madison Muscle Mustangs, are going to Cordova in June, I'll let you know when.
  6. very nice #'s, its not easy breaking the 300 mark N/A.
  7. Let me know a little in advance the exact date and I will be there... Im looking to go up there tonight if i can find anybody else to go... Doubt i will though. :notnice:
  8. Congrats!!! Those numbers are STOUT for being SAE corrected and for a 94-95!!! Your peak is a lot lower than I'd expect with that high of a RWHP, but that's great, just don't over rev it.
  9. My first run was 299.7. If I hadn't broken 300 I would have taken the NOS bottle of the ricer next to me and sprayed it at the air filter.
  10. Nice numbers zen. How much do you think the spring upgrade gave you? I'm curious if I had the same cam how much power I would be making.
  11. nice numbers and good luck with the car.
  12. Congrats! Those are great numbers for a NA HCI swap. I will begin my HCI swap next month and hope to break the 300rwhp mark. Can I ask how long ago you purchased your chip from JMS? What is the time frame for getting the chip?
  13. I ordered my chip about a month ago. I had a 20 minute conversation with them on the phone, then I got the chip in 5 business days. They did a great job! I was in awe when I saw my A/F curve, the tuners at the dyno said they couldn't have improved on it at all. Not bad for the first burn

    I'm still trying to post the graph, I can't figure out how to resize a tif file.
  14. Very nice #'s, can you post the graph?? You degree'd the cam in, right? I saw on corral that your only running 32* total timing. I assume thats with 10* initial, right? Try more timing, TFS heads like timing. Try running 12* initial. My car runs best around 18*-19* timing (track/dyno proven to be better than 14*) The peak #'s are similar to what mine made, but you have some more tq.
  15. Ya Dude...Nice combo .... :nice: Sounds like JMS did right by you for sure....Makes you wonder how many ponies that chip was worth??? 325.00 for the chip, right???
  16. Yep, $325. I had 3 runs and I wanted to turn the chip off for the 3rd run to see what the difference was but the operator ran the car before I had a chance to tell him.
  17. Great Numbers! :nice: Have you run it down the track yet?
  18. My dyno graph is a tif file. Can someone help me post it?
  19. i can help you out there with the pick resize and hosting

    nice numbers,

    I hope the time in your sig isnt with the heads cam is it?
  20. Nice numbers - I'm looking forward to seeing the torque curve.