Roush Dyno Numbers

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 2001s281, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. had the saleen dynoed last satuday. it put down 472 rwhp 411 rw torque. built up the bottom end new cams (comp cams) port and polish the heads. paxton novi 2000 stock pulley.
  2. :bs: 472rwhp ??? Which blower is it? Saleen roots or paxton Novi ????
    Either one I don't buy it, I call it BS :bs:
    Until you show dyno proof and give more details about boost and setup....
    If it's real then congrats....
  3. paxton novi 2000 stock pulley, built bottom end, comp cams, port and polish heads, i have a videotape of the dyno run. i don't know how to put it on the net. if someons shows me you can see.
  4. Ok ok if you have forged block and run 15psi or more of boost that's a different story...
  5. Damn good numbers.
  6. nope stock pulley 8-10 lbs, the cams help out a ton, i recommend them for everyone. with the series II or iv roots style you can make some nice power. i seen a guy at the shop with a 02 saleen make 360 rwhp with the series II. i would go kenne belle and pulley down if i had my chance to do it again. but i am very happy with the numbers the paxton made.
  7. thank you, nice numbers yourself.
  8. Thanks. I am currently installing a Vortech S Trim 6psi, looking to make similar numbers as you (470-480rwhp). Yours must pull like a bat out of heLL.
  9. what a difference. i had the series II blower the most it put out was 330 rwhp, but gobs of torque. so i took that off rebuilt the motor and strapped on a paxton novi 2000. it was the best idea i ever had. its the most fun driving.
  10. Awesome numbers! Now that I have got the car painted and "pretty", it is time to begin go-fast mods. You have the SOHC with PI heads right? What cam's did you go with and how much port/polish did you have done? I am probably going to start by upgrading to the PI's. Mine is a 1996 s281, so I don't have the good heads...