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  1. Hey guys:

    My much anticipated dyno numbers are here. I went to the tuner today and here is what I got.

    462.79 rwhp
    428.62 torque

    Does the torque seem a bit low???

    Also, the dyno used was a dynojet. A/F was 11.5 We kept it conservative. Originally, the plugs (ngk iridium IX) were gapped at .038 which is where Steiggy reccomended. We noticed some spark blow out at 6k rpm and closed the gap to .030 This seemed to rectify the problem. We gained another 8 hp by doing this. We also bumped the timing up 2 deg. Max boost psi was 15.5 between 2500rpm and 4500 rpm.

    We used a diablo tune and also needed to install a mafia.

    I honestly was expecting about 480 hp and about 500 torque. The tuner said if we went further with the A/F ratio to 12 or even 12.2 we might see 475.

    Nonetheless, opinions are wanted on this. I do have graphs for rpm, boost, maf voltage and fuel pressure if you want me to post them.

    Thanks guys.

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  2. stay below 12.0...above is risking it.

    Your power is good, but your torque is low because you aren't utilizing the torque by not having a lower....plus, do you have your torque bypass disabled?

    And .30 is way too tight...I would do .32-.35 max.
  3. i was thinking .030 was too tight myself. Also, ur thread said torque bypass, i would assume u meant boost bypass?

    This was the confusing part. In the tune screen, it said boost bypass disable and I checked it. I would assume that meant I did do the boost bypass.
  4. LOL....yeah, I meant boost bypass.

    If it said bypassed, then it was probably done with the tune. Doing it manually then serves no purpose.

    When I went ported, I was 464/480 prior and 491/477 after, but I don't have a lower, so I lost a few ft lb.
  5. yeah i DID NOT do it manual. Thru the tune. So what is you total set up? Is it the same as mine? Ur #'s are way higher, especially torque.
  6. Ported Eaton with 2.8 pulley etc should be around 500/500, some cars need injectors at this level some don't, but the tune is key.
  7. QFT

    Here are my total mods with my tune specs.

    Steg St 3
    Metco 2.8
    Billetflow 100 mm
    MAC LT's
    Catless midpipe
    MAC 3" cat back
    Billetflow IRS brace
    LFP Coolant Mod
    SCT Raptor chip and tune

    11.8 a/f
    16* timing on 91 octane- 474/460
    19* timing on 93 octane- 491/477
  8. UNCLE MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So other than LT's, smaller pulley and 11.8 (mine is 11.5), we have a difference of 30 hp and 50 lbs of torque. I can see the hp difference with ur mods, but my damn torque seems low. I wonder if ur LT's have anything to do with it. Were they a **** to install????

    I am suprised UM hasnt put his 2 cents in.....he on vacation?????? LOL
  9. I gained 2 rwhp with them.

    They are pointless for cars under 600 rwhp....maybe 5-10 hp max. My buddy gained almost 30 with his KB. Which is why I did the headers....for future mods. And yes they are a pain to install.

    11.5 is rich. I bet if you take it up to 11.8-11.9, you will see more power.

    Steg recommends 23* timing with 93 octane. That is where the power lies.

    Also. You have a 2.93 and are hitting almost 16 psi???? Is your guage properly calibrated? With a 2.93, I really don't think it will get you to 15-16 psi. With a ported blower, you need more boost to really see more power.

    If you get a 2-4# lower, you will see your torque skyrocket and your power will hit 490+. Right now with a 2.93, you should be approximately 13.8-14 psi. With a 2#, you should be at 16, and with a 4 you should be at 18, which 17 is really the max for these blowers.

    But just adding a port, you really need to up the timing and get the AF right around 11.8-11.9 to see the best increases.

    **Also...I would ditch the Predator as soon as you can. Get a X-cal. those are better.
  10. Thanks for the info. The boost was from the dyno computer. We had the boost line hooked up to it. I have a graph of the boost curve I will post. It hit 15.5 psi at 3500rpm and dropped steadily to 13.5 at 6750rpm. I was suprised by the number as well.

    We went conservative with the fuel. We knew we could squeak a little more out of it, but wanted to stay conservative. Do you really think 11.5 is too rich. I did go over 12 between 2250 and 2500 rpm according to the graph. Also, I just talked to the tuner and I asked him about the timing. He said it varied throughout the rpm range and at peak hp it was 21 deg and at peak torque it was 16 deg. I am still learning this computer stuff with cars, so forgive me for my ignorance. I am an old school pushrod/no computer guy. Yeah I know, get with the times. I am trying!

    Anywho, thanks for the time and info!

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  11. That sounds right with the boost....13.5. And you will see a spike with the initial hit, but as with all heatons, it bleeds off.

    Almost always you will be above 12 at the start of the pull and drop off with the rpm. An ideal curve will drop to about 11.9 and stay pretty much on that line and maybe rise a little at the end of the pull when the throttle lifts.

    The timing sounds right. You want less with the most load and the most with peak rpm to get the most out of it.

    I think the predator has 3 timing input ranges.
  12. ok....so all in all everthing looks good? The tq and hp numbers are pretty good for the setup I have, both mechanical and computer?

  13. I'm guessing you're still missing something in the tune. Your combo should be making a little more power than that. You need to get with the other guys who are tuning this car out there and making the consistent numbers. Try posting your results in the 03/04 Cobra forum over at http://www.ModularFords.com That's where you'll find the best 03/04 Cobra specific tuning tech on the 'net. Show them your numbers and what you've done thus far. Make sure they know you are tuning the car yourself.
    I was away on a business trip in Dayton all week.

  14. Thanks UM. But I am not tuning the car myself. I took it to a local tune shop.
  15. For reference...I have the same mods as you except I still have stock h- pipe, and I made 478/460.
  16. Your numbers sound right! My hp is a little lower probably cause of the conservative tune. But the torque is what is racking my brain. I dont even know if I want to go back to the same tuner now. But I probably should and tell him to tweak it a bit.

    But what would cause such low torque numbers??????
  17. Try a different tuner.

  18. I found that the stock H-pipe makes more tq....more backpressure.
  19. My own dyno numbers, I just got today so I felt like hitting this thread again... Were 465 hp/447 with some nasty spark blow out myself. I also have NGK Iridiums gapped at .038 and saw spark blow out in the 5.5k and up RPM range.

    I have similiar mods, 2.76 upper, stieg stage 4, throttle body/plenum, cai, hi-flow cat and catback exhaust.

    Predator's really suck to tune with I have concluded, I have no idea what my spark advance is at since they only use percentage but don't tell you percentage of what.

    The AFR from the dynojet said 11.0 but the wideband in my car disagreed and said 11.7 for most of the run. I stopped there and decided to take autometer's word for it and not the dynojets. I have an appointment with a real tuner in a week and a half PLUS asked for a tune from RWTD.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Besides close up the gap... seems like my numbers are kind of low. I would expect at least 485hp out of the combo according to what people post on the internet.
  20. timing is low. spark problem is BECAUSE of the iridiums. put some NGK coppers in there and gap em around .034 the AFR is about as lean as i would personally go on pump.