Dyno Results: Dyno Results: 278.2 RWHP SAE Baby!

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  1. Ok, get ready for a looooong post!

    Well some of you may have known that my car has been in the shop for 5 days for some work. What a long 5 days it was to be with out my baby. First the bad news, I am missing some dyno sheets that are sitting back in the shop at Excessive. But the good news is I have the dyno sheets that count. I will go back to Excessive later this week, print them and then scan them.

    Now, let’s start with the X pipe, I know all of you saw my post, but I will include it here so it is all inclusive. Before this round of mods, I had a Magnaflow dual kit with Y pipe. Details as follows:

    X Pipe Gains

    • 193.9 RWHP SAE (before)
    • 195.8 RWHP SAE (after)

    Sound: She is somewhat deeper, and I can hear more of a throaty sound at higher rpms. But she does thin out at really high rpms. To get really deep at all RPM’s, it looks like MSP’s write up was accurate regarding the prochamber. And the MRT mufflers might help as well.

    So pretty much 2 RWHP gain on NA. Following this, I decided to change the whole approach of my car. Now all of you are familiar with Scrming’s kick butt car, and mine is somewhat similar. 4.10s, Zex, Auto, etc. Well, I needed Excessive to fix the gear whine in my car. They said they couldn’t do it because the first shop that installed them wrong and now that they are broken in, they will whine forever. Just great. So after hearing that darn whine over and over again, I told Excessive to put in new gears. But this time, I went back to my original plan. After seeing other unnamed individuals video’s of bad tire spin at the track, I decided to take it down a notch and put in FRPP 3.73’s. Test drove the car, no more gear whine and still launches good on my auto.

    Tunable Induction Tune

    • 195.8 RWHP SAE (before)
    • 197.5 RWHP SAE (after)

    So they loaded up John DeMolet’s tune and netted another 1.7 RWHP and 3.3 RWTQ SAE. Not bad, every bit counts. John’s tune designed for the NKG spark plugs I have, so his runs at 13.4 AF, while the Excessive tune I had runs at 12.7 AF.

    Now, for the fun part (and I got the dynos for this one coming!). Now it’s time for the 100HP shot of N20. Well, right before we do the N20, I had a PHP Alternator Pulley order and sent to Excessive to give me that tiny little 4HP edge Scrming posted about awhile ago. So Chris put that in, and spent an entire day tuning the car for Nitrous, and making sure the AF levels were good, timing good, checked my spark plugs, test drove it, etc. So here is the configuration I have with the N20:

    Zex 100 HP Shot

    • FRPP 3.73 Gears
    • PHP Alternator Pulley
    • Zex 100HP Shot
    • Excessive Tune
    278.2 RWHP SAE (for you STD lovers out there – 285.9)
    362.1 RWTQ SAE (for you STD lovers out there – 373.2)

    When Chris and Larry came back from the test run, they were grinning ear to ear. Chris said it will smoke a stock GT any day of the week. I didn’t solicit this response from him, as I got my sights on some import tuners. But he said it without prompting and was quite proud of it. There were two cobra owners in the shop today and hearing it thought it was an 8 and Larry was like, no that’s a 6, one of the few we work on. Then he rattled off the numbers and their eyes went wide. It was cool. In fact they were great mustang owners, giving me tips on lower control arms, telling me not to go with over aggressive lowering springs as it will hurt my track times. And they gave me a lot of good information about the local tracks.

    For those of you that live in the DC/VA/MD area, the cobra guys suggested SumerDuck dragway, they said mostly stangs hang out there and they are all good people. http://www.sumerduckdragway.com/

    That’s about it; I will be posting some dyno sheets tonight once I get to the office. Now, there is only one problem, I think Excessive forgot to do a before/after tune on my PHP Pulley, but I will call them, it might be one of the sheets that was left behind. But I will definitely get my Zex sheet up, I actually made them print it out in SAE before I left.

    So all in all it was a long 5 days to wait, but I am extremely happy.

    PS: I can’t resist….John (Scrming); you may want to tell Lidio that he has to beat 278. LOL. I think that MRT may just do the trick! The arms race continues!!!!!
  2. Holy poop! Great numbers! I guess we'll be seeing your track numbers next? BTW, what kind of timing did you run? -2 degrees from stock?
  3. Thanks Jimp! Yep, Chris said two degrees. And yes, I'm going nuts waiting for the track to open.
  4. How much did he have to mess with the A/F ratio?
  5. I don't know, I didn't ask him. I can find out. He did spend a day tuning it.
  6. Ok, just curious. I need to get mine dyno tuned.
  7. Nice numbers, I am waiting on an O/R Hpipe and then tune for the nitrous as well.I hope to be over 300 with mine on teh 2000!
  8. Thanks. Wow, that will be really impressive! I hope you hit your numbers. Keep us posted.
  9. I know I have already congratualted you offline, but I just want to say again: AWESOME NUMBERS!!! I can't wait until we take our Ponies to the track. I just want to kill some Z's with you!!!
  10. thats some real serious **** haha. love the numbers. now do it N/A

  11. Thanks man. For NA I'll keep at it, but not going to go with a SC/TC just yet. I want to see what I can do at the track with this.
  12. Here is my dyno for the Zex:


    I think there is more to gain on the TQ side.
  13. wow, talk bout running it rich towards the end. Down to 10 or below. I guess its safer then 14 LOL.
    Also, the 14 a/f ratio at 3500 rpm after the nitrous has kicked in kinda worries me. Thats almost lean enough to start melting a piston i think.

  14. Hmm, Chris said he tuned it very conservatively and for saftey. I welcome your input on this one, I don't want to damange this thing at the track.
  15. What is the optimal A/F ratio? What are the safety parameters?
  16. I would like to know myself, Chris is very anal about lettting a car out of the shop that is unsafe. I wouldn't imagine he would let me use this tune even at the track if there is a possibility that I could blow a piston.....I hope.

    Johns at 11 at 3500, hmmm.
  17. 12.9 is the best power a/f ratio, safest is probably 11.3-12
    anything under is running too rich (but safe at least) and anything over lets say a..... 13.5 is getting too lean for safety (its not that 13.5 is unsafe, its that a hiccup in the fuel system and u can go kaboom, 11.5 gives you some safety room in my book).
  18. I am at 13 starting at 2250 and stay there. I thought that was pretty safe. I have done searches and the opinions vary. When it comes down to it, I will have to trust Chris to make the right decision.
  19. if im wrong, someone please step in and correct me. I too do not want you to damage your car at the track. I do know that most tuners shoot for an 11 or low 12 a/f ratio.
  20. 13 a/f ratio is safe for a N/A motor, not so much on a boosted motor. Im not sure why, maybe it has something to do with the heat from the compressed air?