Dyno Results: Dyno Results: 278.2 RWHP SAE Baby!

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  1. I will bring it up next time I take my car in. You are echoing what I have read, and I remember thinking that 13 still seems safe.

    Which one is lean and which one is rich and what does that mean?
  2. higher number = lean
    lower number = rich

  3. I'm gonna ask John DeMolet as well, he develops tunes with his CAI's and has to ensure they don't come back with problems. I'm sure he will have an idea as well.
  4. So how are they adjusting the A/F and timing? I am guessing with a SCT or diablo. By the way nice numbers.

  5. They are an SCT shop. On my street tune, Chris has me at 13.5 and he does on the Zex as well...perhaps. Not 100% sure, the printout is hard to read and I remember being off by 1 once when I asked him about it. Actually the print out on his machine drives me nuts compared to the other sheets I see people posting.
  6. Must be nice to have a shop around. There is nothing around here. I am getting a sct next week. Where is a good place I can order from? Someone with a website would be nice.
  7. Hrm...I downloaded your sheet and zoomed in. I'm still not certain if your A/F is at 15 or 14 early in the run. The y-axis labels (A/F) aren't clear enough to say for sure.

    Were your readings taken with a "pipe probe" or do you have the actual bungs near your cats?

    Any chance you can get the shop to give you the actual files? They are TINY...I took a USB thumb drive to the shop on our dyno day. Maybe he will give you the files so you can set up the graphs as you wish? It would certainly clear up the issue of axis values!! Remember, the Dynojet viewing software is a free download, and not too tough to figure out.
  8. Here is a few pics from this project for you guys (additional pics are on my web site):


    I think Larry did a great job running the lines through the car. I pulled up the carpet so you can see them, but everything is clean. You can also see my new TI Shield that John sent me, much better now!

  9. Looks good, but why did he not put the line straight through the trunk? That is where mine is. I did not like the idea of putting the line in the compartment wiht any body close to it for saftey reasons. I used a drain hole that was already there. It was great!

    Plus i cannot put my seats down after the stereo install anyway.
  10. Thanks for the input. Doh!!!!!! You are right, I will talk to them about this. Annoying. :bang:
  11. :shrug:
    nice numbers,,, but basically, its mostly just ZEX / N02 and the tune?? :shrug: right?

    what's the most bang for the buck here? help me out >>>>
  12. Uh, the nitrous is the most bang for the buck. 80 or so hp for around 700 bucks?

  13. So who here's running N02 on the street 100% of the time?
  14. Well, Nitrous is the most bang for the buck when done right. I don't spary on the street, in fact I made sure that Excessive didn't install a remote bottle opener, and put a seperate "Track Tune" on my xcal2 so I am not tempted to use it.

    This is for track only (I have a family to worry about), so given that, why throw down 4K on a SC/TC when I can spend 900 bucks on a professional n20 kit with racers kit.

    But some people want it available all the time, but for me....I think it would just get me speeding tickets.
  15. Jimp is the only one with the remote bottle opener that I know of, but he dosent spray on the street. If you are going to spray on the street, then that means only one thing "street racing", and I only know of one forum that allows street racing threads, and this one isn't it.
  16. You would be correct.
  17. I agree with you 100%. I have two car seats in my car 100 of the time. So there is no racing except at the track for me.

    You need to look into the laws where you are at about nitrous though.

    Here in Georgia you cna have Nitrous, it can be installed BUT the mainline cannot be hooked up to the car. Meaning at the bottle or at the nozzle. One of those has to be off or you will be getting a ticket if not thrown in jail.

  18. Thanks, I will check into that right away. Also, I wanted to get some input about my dyno sheet again. I put this up on other forums to get some feedback as well. I will be quite frank here, while I am pumped over my numbers, I am not feeling good about this dyno sheet. I’m not happy with the curve, and the fact that he ran the car to 6400 rpm.

    Now, this means two things, one is that the car is not tuned optimally or two is they did a single run like this just to push the car and give me a really nice dyno sheet. Chris told me he had a conservative track tune on it for the Zex, and that he likes to keep his AF around 12.2 to 12.7. In fact, my street tune from him is 12.7. He says he never puts a tune on a car at 13.5.

    However, I want answers, if my car isn’t at 278 on the track tune he really put on the car, then so be it. Dyno numbers are good information, but the track is where it counts, so while its fun to be competitive, I want to make sure my car is 100% safe. I’m also concerned he tuned this car like he would a 4.6 V8, and that is why he ran it to 6400. I’m one of two 4.0’s in his shop.

    I also know that he uses the tail pipe sensor for AF, i.e. the long rod that goes into the muffler which here and on other forums, people told me is not the best way to measure AF. I’m also not convinced that he has the TQ management tuned 100%.

    I will get to the bottom of this, and I really value everyone’s constructive input here. I’m determined to maximize the performance of this car while keeping the nitrous safe. Even if I have to go on a road trip to another shop, so be it.
  19. OK, just got off the phone with Excessive. They said my AF starts at 13 and goes down to 10 on my N20 tune. So I am safe there.
  20. Congrats on the numbers, should be able to run with a stock GT; probably be a driver's race.

    Quick comment: When I get my car tuned, they look for an a/f of 11.5 - 12.0 at WOT, under boost. Since you're adding NOS, I would be concerned if it was a 13.5 a/f ratio under spray. You may also want to consider a colder plug when you go to the track.