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  1. Wow, what tramatic event drove you into such denial?? Several, well known and well respected members of the various Mustang boards have been over 300 rwhp with bolt ons. Go hear: http://www.modularfords.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9769
    The bolt on HP Champion is Carlos Nazario (Nazman) at 337. I'm in second place and working hard to catch him at 331. You have to have a minimum of 315 rwhp to even qualify for the list. Dont think for one minute that everybody on the list just happened to be using a malfunctioning dyno. Allot of these people have 1/4 times (mph) that backs up the HP figures.

    300 bolt on rwhp in no big deal.

  2. What are the trap speeds at about 300-310 rwhp?
  3. Should be in the 104 to 106 neigborhood.

  4. Wow amazing than I guess that all you 330 hp guys with just bolt ons are only about 30 to 40 hp shy of a stock 03 go figure, hmmmm I think not. 330 with just bolt ons...come on now this forum is just getting crazy
    I have come to terms that 300 is possible but not EASY or very common.
    I cant wait for someone to post 350 or maybe even more who knows ahah
    Id like to know what Bob Cosby thinks hmmmm
    these cars are great but at best with just bolt ons and street tires will run low 13's and high 12's with slicks and mid to low 12's with a built solid axle.
    and 11's if you really go crazy like Bob :nice:
    God bless cobras :hail2:
  5. 12.9 with my bolt ons dude, 2.0 60ft, on nitto 555 street tires, not the drag radials. it can be done. Do you ever look on any of the other boards? Your the only one who i have ever heard say 300 rwhp is hard to get. And i think Bob will agree with my
  6. with a cai and cat back I dyno'ed 277/288
    I suck at launching my car and have only had it at the track once which was a ****ty track and ran a [email protected] on POS 245/45/17's and when I say POS the tires have a grip of a bowling ball.

    I now have a few other items and I KNOW my car is faster now. With a custom tune I feel I should be a 300 easily.

    As far as dynoing about 30-40 rwhp from a bone stock 03. I believe it. But I also see many stock 03's dyno 380rwhp. My car in current form does not do bad at ALL vs a stock 03. I know I run them about once every 2 weeks. Columbus is a great place to get races btw.

    Oh and for the skeptics out there underdrive pullies and throttle bodies are a waste of money. You will notice most all of the 300 rwhp people have a full open exhaust and intake work. Ported lower, full exhaust, Cai, and custom tune should net about 300-315 rwhp on MOST cars and more on some. I would do a electric water pump next then stuff like throttle body, and pullies.

    This is my opionion and is soley based on what I see 99,2001 cobra in my area do.
  7. coool, great info big papa and for the record Im a regular on countless amounts of forums like this and I go to the track often. I think most def a ported intake an full open exhuast will help you reach 300 but with just a cold air and cat back I highly doubt it!!!!!! And I totally agree that a properly moded 99-01 can take a stock 03/04, I have come close with my 410's. But already it is near impossible to ever race a stock 03/04 haha.
    And also unfortunately most 99's I see at the track barely hit 13s all stock, but like any cobra they respond well to mods :D
    Thats why Im never going back to a gt again :nice:
  8. My '01: 300.2 RWHP SAE; 299.4 RWTQ SAE; by Springfield Autosports' Dynojet. Borla cat back, stock H, MAC CAI, 3:55s - that's it. Ambient air was 80 degrees. Lots of impartial folks standing around watching.

  9. Hehe, Fruedian Horsepower Envy :D
  10. Sorry bud but I think that you are mistaken! FYI my Cobra put down 307 at the wheels after a 2 hour drive from Myrtle Beach to Darlington during Mustang Week ( Running Pig Rich and Hot as Hell!) How do you explain that. Also w/ Flowmasters that dont flow, a BBK intake that your could cook an egg on and no tune!

    You have no clue what you are talking about buddy.
  11. Learn anything Chuck?
  12. I guess my 320 with an 11.9 A/F must be a pipe dream. Geesh, if I ever get around to lean it out where it should be I guess then I'll really be smoking some serious dope.

    Do a little work with the search feature in this forum and you'll see exactly what people put down. Hell there is a list on ModularFords of most of us that are over 300 NA and then some. Anyone who has any experience and knowledge of 99-01 Cobra's should be sitting back getting quite a chuckle from this :lol: But then again, what do I know?
  13. What I find amusing is that you came in here to ask a/some questions and you posted your results, but when you got answers and other people told you their results you threw up the BS Flag. If you already know this stuff then why are you asking these question??
  14. Holyhell, TXSnake, I hadnt noticed your new numbers. COOL! I think that's going to bump you up on the HP list. I'll go over to modfor and update it now.

  15. Well, I am not proud of them considering I showed up and waited on 2 Miata's for nearly 5 hours just to discover I forgot my serial cable from the mafterburner to laptop. Did 3 runs just to get a baseline but couldnt adjust anything. Been waiting on another opportunity to tune it.

  16. you see chucky, im not all BS. Its not as hard as you think to get to 300rwhp NA on a post fix 99 cobra or 01 cobra. I still believe if you switched lower intakes with a stock 01 cobra you will gain more than you think.
  17. Chuckystang

    look at my sig for stock numbers and modded numbers

    300RWHP is so easy on a 99/01 cobra so so so easy a catback and midpipe will get you right there or in my case just i little below. then add a CAI and you are over, add pullies and you get more. it's very common to see 99/01s with 310+ at the wheels with just bold ons hell i am sure there are a few making 315+ or better with bolt ons.
  18. With the mods in my sig, I am at 298hp/299tq. I think a 2.5" catback will put me over. 300/300 is not hard to get N/A in a 99/01. Some 99/01s are stronger than others though. I'll be there very shortly.
  19. WEll then apparently there is a huge differnece from the post fix intake to the pre fix intake because I have these as mods: BBk cold air (fenderwell), Steeda pullies, custom chip Dezracing, bassani high flow x pipe, flowmaster mufflers, and frpp aluminumdriveshaft, 410s...and other non power adders. AS I stated, my car has not had the fix, so not all 99's have had it, but my car pulls all the way to 6300 and then starts to level off and it is in perfect condition. So anotherwords according to you all, my car should have over 300 if I had a post fix intake?????????????? that seems crazy, since my car made 281 hp and 273 tq. I just cant imagine how that could rob me of sooo much power. OR it could be possible that not all the power is hitting the wheels, maybe loosing it through my pos t45 or pos centerforce df clutch or my vibrating frpp aluminum driveshaft ahahah, i dont know if that is possible but I doubt it. And believe it or not untill all of you posted on here, I have never come across a 99 with above 300 without internal mods. Im assuming you are all being honest... my car pulls like crazy, I just cant imagine even feeling the difference anyway so I will probably just deal with it. Its just a piece of paper with a number on it anyway...what really matters is on the road and strip. I research 99 and 01 cobras probably more than anyone here, im obsessed with them because they are the most well rounded mustangs ever and are special because they do not have any dam supercharger. nothing better than hearing it roar with out that dam whine! :banana:
  20. well if what you asy is true and you dont have the fix I dont know why you havent called the svt line and asked where you can take your car to have it done. then go get anouther dyno and join the 300 club.