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  1. Dyno #'s were on 90 degree day and 100% humidity!
  2. I know....I know. :lol:
  3. haha, good number with 320...porting the intake isint exactly a bolt on but any non believers already agreed that 300 at the wheels is very possible with bolt ons, but above that is when it starts to get difficult. may I add that you have the best CAI/MAF for those cars as well as a ported intake! anyway who cares, I dont as long as I keep walking all over LS1's...
    on with a new topic eh haha
  4. Oh and do you feel the place you see the most gains on these is from a proper cai and exhaust?? What exhaust set up performs the best, setting aside the sound, because I already have the best sound :)
  5. Full exhaust is the key.

    Not just a mid-pipe and catback, you need some headers. :nice:
  6. heres my 99 cobra dyno sheet,it only had stock type k/n filter and long tube headders with no cats,,,since this dyno i added 62mm TB ,,pulleys and 3.73s,,just havent dynoed it again,,,should be 300 rwhp i hope??[​IMG] third pull was the best..no cold air kit or computer tuning..