Dyno results from Trick Flow top end kit!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by HardmanGT, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. I finally broke down and decided to spend some money and get elbows deep into my Mustang. Bought a used long block and freshened up the bottom end with std rods, mains and rings. Added a Trickflow Street Heat top end kit with 30# injectors and a SCT B2400 MAF.

    I loaded the Mustang onto the trailer and headed over to XX Tuning in Hartford, CT. Chris tweeked my tune to 311rwhp and 337rwtq! I'm really happy with the results :D

  2. thats what I been waiting to here...I knew there was a reason I wanted the tfs trackheat kit :nice: sweet numbers!
  3. The torque feels great on the street! Big difference from the wornout engine it replaced :banana:
  4. Those are some fan-tabulous numbers. Finally a product that lives up to the numbers it claims to make(or close to it anyway) Congrats
  5. and with the stock cam.
    very nice.
  6. What accessories are you doing without?

    Nice numbers:nice:
  7. I have full accessories

    smog pump
    and cats (BBK long tubes with matching H-pipe)
  8. Trickflow claims 350hp and 370 tq at the crank

    mine actually did a little better than that due to the SCT tune

    311rwhp 337rwtq + 15% drivetrain loss = 366hp 396tq
  9. Trickflow Stage 1 cam
  10. Nice #'s. Can you post the graph? I did 303hp/339tq on stock eec/full accessories with a small tb and shortys. So those numbers sound right on considering you had a chip tune and have longtubes.
  11. Hey...very nice numbers!
  12. I took these ACCS off of my old '92 GT and gained .2 on an 1/8th mile track.
  13. What size TB do you have? Nice that you can keep all those accessories and make that power:nice: Good Job and good tuner and nice car (is their a rule for too many compliments in one sentence:))

    Grn92Lx - His graph is on page 4 of his cardomain page.
  14. Good lookin out.

    Its a mustang dyno I realize and from what people say, they read lower than dynojets. We all know not all dyno's are created equal. Lets see what it does at the TRACK :D
  15. 70mm
  16. Thank you.
  17. OMG I am so glad Mackey gave me a link to this thread. I've been trying to figure out if I can break 300rwhp with my new setup. I have the TFS dual spring heads, TFS Stage 1 cam, 95 ported cobra intake, 70mm TB, AFM powerpipe, 77mm pro-m MAF, full exhaust (shorty's), and injectors (no fuel pump yet, but soon to come). A few guys that really know what they're talking about seemed skeptical if I would actually do it. It's nice to know that it is very possible with just the main parts (before bolt-ons). I'm pretty confident I will, since I'm gonna be getting a custom dyno tune once everything is on.
  18. I know how much Chris was looking forward to tuning my car, but in the end, everything turned out great. Even Chris was surprised at what he was able to pull out of my car.

    Chris:"What do you think you'll make?"

    Jeremy:"I'll be happy with 300 at the wheels"

    Chris:"Yeah, I don't think so, dude"

  19. God.. Are you gonna quote me on that everywhere!! :bang:

    Glad we were able to get you tuned up and ready to go.. Now go hit the track. :cheers: