Dyno results from Trick Flow top end kit!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by HardmanGT, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. What do you guys think i will make? Not trying to hijack your thread.

    Trick flow track heat top end kit
    brand new bottom end in 306
    30# injectors
    75mm Throttle body
    76MM maf
    Cold air intake
    Electric Fan
    Underdrive Pulleys
    mac unequal shorty headers
    mac off road h pipe
    flows dumped
    255 fuel pump
    new wires
    new cap
    new rotor
    no smog
    no fan
    no ac
    think thats it
  2. How much was the tuning worth. I picked up about 30 on an N/A custom chip.
  3. I gave him a mail order chip to get him started, so we don;t know what the car baselined without the chip.. Since he had an SCT Big Maf, he needed the chip for the car to run properly. On the dyno, with some custom tweaking to my base tune, he gained another 10rwhp..
  4. I had a mail order SCT tune to get started with. Chris pulled out an additional 9hp, safely. No ticking time bombs will leave that shop. The average power across the board made a huge seat of the pants improvement. The custom tune made driveabilty and idle perfect!

    Get a good tune, it's worth every penny :hail2:
  5. how much does a tune cost
  6. Yeah a nice dyno tune is always the way to go IMO.

    What is your estimated compression?
  7. Stock bore, stock pistons, stock deck. I haven't even run any calculations on CR.
  8. if the street heat top end puts 350hp to the crank than what does the track heat do? also is the track heat emissions legal?
  9. Assumming you just throw the cam in dot to dot like most do, you'll end up with practically the same power/curves. From what I saw from a guy on corral ( as he was recommended by buddy rawls), put that tfs 1 cam on a 108* centerline.

    The TFS kit is great for the average enthusiest.
  10. great results!!1 hopefully my puts out similar numbers.
  11. The Track Heat is supposed to make more hp and less tq

    360hp 350tq
  12. alright thanks..btw where do you get the numbers that tfs claims to make, I didnt see them on their site or on Summitt?
  13. Summit magazine.
  14. It'll be darn near the same as stock.
  15. Is there a dyno sheet that can be posted for this combo? I like to see the torque curve acros the rev range.
  16. is that 13.3 w/ those numbers?? or the old motor
  17. New motor. I haven't powershifted or done a good burnout before launching yet. Best launch to date was a 2.034 60'. The trac lok needs a rebuild before I go back to the track, too.
  18. Hardman what did you pay for the Trick Flow stuff?